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On Monday the Legend Team got going, and the question was not just about the legendary names that will ultimately don a street sign, but to ask “Is our city taking care of those who took care of us?” Harris says “There is no city without the people who give their time, gifts and their talents, let’s be honest, says Harris.”

Shaneland in Da Hood

It snowed on Christmas day in San Diego, the laughter rang while the ultimate snow fights began! The smell of turkey bacon and eggs filled the room, with a warm touch of a 70 inch LED screen fireplace to bring in the homey feel, Shane Harris recalls the days when he could only dream of

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Op-ed National Black Contractors Association pens an open letter to SANDAG’s Board of Directors

Op-ed – 12/16/21 This Friday you will make an important decision on whether to create a Community Benefits Agreement for SANDAG and essentially how over 160 billion dollars will be spent over the next three decades. We are coming to you on the basis of what we would consider morally right. What we would consider

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JEFFREY THORNTON, THE FIRST PERSON TO INVOKE THE CROWN ACT, WHICH PROHIBITS EMPLOYMENT DISCRIMINATION BASED ON HAIR TEXTURE AND NATURAL PROTECTIVE HAIRSTYLES. A TIME for C.R.O.W.N ACT 2.0 Despite calls from employers that they’re struggling to find workers during the pandemic, it has seemingly maintained obstacles for Black applicants trying to find work themselves. In this case,

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Saving San Pasqual

Shane Harris A SPA Success Story Steps In When you first arrive, you get a larger-than-life feeling, maybe it’s the mountain air or the open sky, but to me, it’s the best idea San Diego County EVER had. Any educational institution that serves in a supportive role as San Pasqual, it’s worth keeping, and frankly,

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