Mami Wata aka the Little Mermaid

The joke is on Black people; all the time. Black America, discussing the Black version of the Little Mermaid, is a fascinating subject. Not because it is a subject about Mermaids, but because as much as white conservatives say why can’t things stay the way they were, Black people seem to think that mermaids were in fact originally white! Is it too far-fetch to understand why would a white person in America and or in Europe, want to whiten something that was black? Where is white power, white lives matter, and white pride when you need them?


The term “Welfare Queen” is about a woman named Linda Taylor, if that is her real name. And yes, she was a con artist to the tenth degree. The interesting part about it is, where did she learn how to be several steps ahead of the police and the many detectives on her trail for several years? Her life is as ghostly as the welfare queen myth is.

No-Knock Warrants: How Common They Are and Why Police Are Using Them

Author Radley Balko, an investigative journalist and the author of the book Rise of the Warrior Cop, is asked about police using the so-called no-knock warrants. In the middle of the night on March 13, Breonna Taylor was lying in her bed when she was shot at least eight times by police. Trace events backwards

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Must Read – the Mystery of the Coronavirus From a friend and her cousin who is a nurse! Hope this is helpful….Very good insight. For me this the most clear explanation of the science behind the virus.**************††**************Feeling confused as to why Coronavirus is a bigger deal than Seasonal flu? Here it is in a nutshell.

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