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It Was Douglas, and Why We Need to Know

It wasn’t given, Black People forced it! “Storytelling is very important because it is the architect of action steps.” Willie Morrow Abraham Lincoln did not free the enslaved. The enslaved freed themselves. For decades, historians have argued for the agency of Black Americans in securing their own liberation during the Civil War. But time and

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Navel Envy as opposed to Sigmund Freud’s Penis Envy, maybe just maybe it’s a man’s secret desire to birth life. His psychosexual and psychosocial desire to control birth is his subconscious desire to give life. Envy of the ultimate act of GOD; the power matrix of creation and the fact God gave it to a woman and the natural power of a mother’s influence over every aspect of life.

We’re just not that into him!

It is astonishing how polarized Black Americans are on the Capital Riots and Tyranny by a white crowd majority on Jan. 6th. 2021. It is crickets! Imagine how far apart Election Gate makes a conservative Black preacher and civil rights activist must be on this issue. Clarence is the most powerful Black man in the

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Banning Books or blocking Critical Race theory won’t hurt Black America

Banning Books in Public Schools is for Headlines; a sort of psychodrama that creates anxiety for the John Q Citizen. It is in my opinion Cyber-Media-Terrorism. It is the trick of over-accentuating what isn’t so-called wanted as if it is hyper-important. The opposite result is actually what is desired, however, it’s the arrogance of the intellectual Black elite and educators that believe the focus is “Books.” This NYC city slick card game of “3 Card Monte” tricks them into thinking conservatives are hyper-focused on Black people. They’re not!

Op-ed National Black Contractors Association pens an open letter to SANDAG’s Board of Directors

Op-ed – 12/16/21 This Friday you will make an important decision on whether to create a Community Benefits Agreement for SANDAG and essentially how over 160 billion dollars will be spent over the next three decades. We are coming to you on the basis of what we would consider morally right. What we would consider

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THE BIG, THE BLACK and THE BLOCK of Digital Money

As AFRO-Humans move into a natural space of nothingness, the cosmic exchange of things is in the funkiest vibe of all NFT’S. CROWNMAG delivers a great perspective into the world of blockchain relationships.~ SDMNEWS/Staff Written by: cee sandoArt: GammyKillz I am sure I do not have to convince you of the erasure of Black people

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California Democratic Party Black Caucus Elects All Women to Board  By Manny Otiko | California Black Media You could feel the high level of energy in the room when the California Democratic Party African American Caucus (CDPAAC) made history this past weekend, electing four Black women to lead the organization.  “I am at a loss

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