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Sweet Califia

Cali Girl Kamala represents the Great State of Califia, How Ironic is that? SDMNEWS has felt the magic of Kamala since 2008. Her might and poise have been positioning her career since the Barack Obama days. Welcome Madam VP! If California Blacks would understand the magic of this precious state they would utilize sweet Califia

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Sen. Kamala Harris Isn’t Making History, She’s Fighting It

.WASHINGTON, D.C. — Is the fourth time the charm? Sen. Kamala Harris isn’t the first woman to be chosen for a vice presidential slot by a major political party. She’s the fourth. Each of those women received initial press and public support; all lost. Sen. Harris has a lot of history to overcome. Though women

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Kamala Harris Is Running for President in 2020. Here’s Where She Stands on 8 Important Issues. Democratic Senator Kamala Harris is the latest woman to enter the 2020 presidential race, announcing on Martin Luther King Jr. Day that she was joining the already-crowded Democratic primary pool. Harris, 54, was born in Oakland, to immigrant parents; her mother

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