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On Monday the Legend Team got going, and the question was not just about the legendary names that will ultimately don a street sign, but to ask “Is our city taking care of those who took care of us?” Harris says “There is no city without the people who give their time, gifts and their talents, let’s be honest, says Harris.”


Before the gunman shot down 10 Black people in Buffalo, New York, at a supermarket on Saturday afternoon, he had stated his intent: “kill as many Black people as possible.” He reportedly wrote these words in a 180-page screed published online before he carried out what investigators are calling a hate crime and a racist act of violent extremism.

The Business of the NFL

Brian Flores’s Dolphins swept Bill Belichick’s supreme team “New England Patriots” all season. Did Brian’s lack of tanking games possibly embarrass Bill? Did Brain spank his boys with the Dolphin broom, and sent those Patriots home with their tails between their legs anger Bill? Was the text message a “Dig” at Brian’s hopes and dreams, by texting “You have the job” then saying “Oops, sorry, wrong Brian.” I believe Bill knew what he was doing.


A Justice Anita Hill will be a real Apology! Here’s the script: White Men say: “YOU Must Be Qualified” What does that mean? When all jurists go to law school and once they do, they’re all given a license to practice. Where ever that takes them, multiple paths to sharpen and form their qualifications, those

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Remember Shirley

Do you remember the infamous Beer Summit, the one that Henry Louis Gates got when his feelings were hurt when reminded he was a black man in White America? The entire incident was deemed a “Teachable Moment” by then and former president Barack Obama. He invited the VP Joseph Biden, Gates, and officer Crowley to

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Black History is World History

Authors Dr. Walter Milton Jr. and Dr. Joel Freeman creates an incredible journey for all people’s of the world, on the behalf of Black History! SDMNEWS Publisher met Dr. Joel Freeman through his Freeman’s Institute about 10 years ago. Cheryl says I just called him one day because I was impressed by his incredible pictures

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Screenwriter John Ridley Exposes ‘The Other History of the DC Universe’ with Black Lightning

Step into the DC Universe and history awaits. So much history, so many iconic heroes and villains, yet only one side of the story. Until now. Oscar-winning screenwriter John Ridley is opening a new door into a familiar backdrop with his new comic book offering, “The Other History of the DC Universe.” As the name

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