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BLACK Wealth for Civil Rights

The title will astound you if you were to truly understand it. The year 2022 presents the Black individual with a real conundrum. It doesn’t matter if you are, a Ph.D., JD, CIVIL RIGHTS ACTIVIST, COMMUNITY LEADER, ENTREPRENEUR, or a simple sympathizer of Black People, if you do not understand the exceptionalism of Black people

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Entrepreneur of 2021

Shala Waines; The Vision Creative Behind Soul Swap Meet Publisher Cheryl Morrow spoke to Shala about her vision and passion for Black San Diego, and the opportunity her vision affords Black businesses. It is clear that Shala is clear. She modestly accepted this achievement as our Entrepreneur of 2021 with grace. But that is not

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The Power of Prosecution

Editorial There’s something different in the air we must admit. The power of prayer must be the Power of Truth. As always, the Black machine is the same ole playbook of Black activists, yes Al Sharpton and company trying to take center stage and shine the light on prayer. Black America is in a spiritual

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Remember Shirley

Do you remember the infamous Beer Summit, the one that Henry Louis Gates got when his feelings were hurt when reminded he was a black man in White America? The entire incident was deemed a “Teachable Moment” by then and former president Barack Obama. He invited the VP Joseph Biden, Gates, and officer Crowley to

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California Democratic Party Black Caucus Elects All Women to Board  By Manny Otiko | California Black Media You could feel the high level of energy in the room when the California Democratic Party African American Caucus (CDPAAC) made history this past weekend, electing four Black women to lead the organization.  “I am at a loss

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The Spirit of Queen Califia in California The California Democratic Party has been in a state of chaos since the 2016 election and has become the crucible of the anti-Trump resistance. It’s the most Democratic state in the union and is considered a bellwether for the future of liberal politics — that is to say,

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Watch of the Week

SDMNEWS’s WATCH OF THE WEEK What’s the US up to in AFRICA Global Opinions Editor Karen Attiah says President Trump’s dust-up with a Gold Star family should shine on a light on the U.S. military’s expanding, and unexplained, presence in Africa. sdmonitornewsThe San Diego Monitor-News has been serving Black San Diego since 1986 sdmonitornews.com


In this review, African artists, scholars and cultural producers share their positions on the future of literature, film, performance, the visual arts, music, and science. Artists include Keziah Jones, Spoek Mathambo, Just A Band, Gato Preto, Kapwani Kiwanga, Nnedi Okorafor, Lauren Beukes and Faustin Linyekula. African intellectuals are currently engaged in a tedious business. These

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