Proud to be from San Diego

Black and Proud: to be Black and a San Diegan   If it’s is not one complaint after another about how San Diego is too small, it’s too this, it’s too that. So why are immigrants here?  One proud San Diegan and up and coming media mogul Denezel Bynum says it best, “Frankly I’m tired […]

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Alicia; the FRESH FACE look

This is Alicia Keys. You know, the singer whose voice sounds like liquid gold being poured into your ears by angels? Last night, she stopped by the VMAs to sing a cappella and read a poem inspired by Martin Luther King Jr. about love and equality. But her performance wasn’t what many people were focused […]

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The Cory Effect

In his six years in the Senate, Cory Booker has progressed from a moderate who defended private equity to a leading progressive voice on issues like criminal justice reform and marijuana legalization. As he transitions to a national presidential campaign, which he announced Friday, the candidate has been focusing on some key issues that animate the […]

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Kamala Harris Is Running for President in 2020. Here’s Where She Stands on 8 Important Issues. Democratic Senator Kamala Harris is the latest woman to enter the 2020 presidential race, announcing on Martin Luther King Jr. Day that she was joining the already-crowded Democratic primary pool. Harris, 54, was born in Oakland, to immigrant parents; her mother […]

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A Letter to Her Community

A New SHEriff in TOWN Community, we did it! We organized. We worked. We fought. We voted. And we were heard! I am so proud and honored to have been the torch bearer for this movement—and this moment—of community empowerment. I can never properly express my gratitude for all the work that has been done […]

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