San Diego’s Own Afro Story

53 years ago, the Afro- comb and the Afro hairstyle was born. Black San Diego, bred and cultivated the commerce version of what Africa had developed well over 12,500 years prior. Implements of mastery; in the beauty sense; it is not merely the aweness of our blackness nor the wonderous African behavioral traits that is […]

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Afrofuturism: reimagining science and the future from a black perspective

Afrofuturism Steven W Thrasher  @thrasherxy Given the frequency with which we see black people in the United States being killed or attacked by police for protesting, it’s no surprise that a packed house turned out on Thursday night at Civic Hall in New York City to attend the panel Afrofuturism: Imagining the Future of Black Identity. Right now, […]

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Roots Up Yoga Flow

Our Mission Roots Up Yoga Flow seeks to provide opportunity, convenience and personalized attention to those who are reluctant to travel far from home, feel self-conscious and/or excluded whether real or imagined. You may not be thin and flexible nor able to execute the poses to perfection….but you can still benefit from the improved use […]

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Neal Arthur; Why He’s Running!

A Phenomenal People Deserves Phenomenal RESULTS D4 Candidate NEAL ARTHUR Talks straight about district 4, why we need change and here’s how we get it! WHY ARE YOU RUNNING? We have not made sufficient progress in our district compared to other communities like for example South park or North Park. In the last 10 years they changed considerably. […]

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Meetings Anyone?

SDSU Meeting and Event Planning Instructor Brings Wealth of Experience BY SUZANA NORBERG – FEBRUARY 5, 2018 POSTED IN EDITORS PICK, INSTRUCTOR PROFILES, MEETING AND EVENT PLANNING Students of SDSU’s Meeting and Event Planning Professional Certificate program consistently cite the program’s biggest strength as its instructors — veterans of the industry with decades of wisdom […]

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