Smoke Screen: Local Cannabis DRAMA

Local Cannabis Legislation dooms Urban Economic Opportunity By Vyncent DeVaughn Economic opportunities that harbor definite transformative outcomes come few and far between. The reason populations explored the unknown of the Western Hemisphere throughout history, was in search of such rare opportunity. Within America, the oil fields of Texas and Gold Rush in California are historic […]

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The Art of Starting

BSD at Start-up Week; Unapologetically promoting Black-owned businesses It was the opening day of the Start-Up week and guess who was presenting? Black San Diego. Amongst a room engulfed with techies of varied cultures, races and backgrounds, we were the chosen group. The conversation was seamlessly moderated by inclusion advocate, Luis Martinez. (centered) Martinez suggested filling […]

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FOR US BY US? THE MAINSTREAM APPEAL OF BLACK CONTENT From music to movies, fashion and art, Black Americans have long played an important role in shaping popular culture in the U.S., and that influence remains strong. In fact, 73% of non-Hispanic whites and 67% of Hispanics believe that African-Americans influence mainstream culture. And this […]


Most-Educated Group in the Country

African American Women Most Educated Group in the Country By Kali Halloway -June 29, 2018 Statistics on black women and education have shown them leading all other gender and racial groups for a few years now. More than half of all black women specifically between the ages of 18 and 24 are enrolled in college, […]

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Separated Children

It’s Only Going to Get Worse By ~ Dr. Bob Filner “Family Reunification”: how is it gonna happen? We all know how often bureaucracy fails to work. Bureaucracy at the border is thousand times worse. Presumably, the separated children were not tattooed with a case number (although the whiff of fascism is in the air, […]

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