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Black and Black Again in the AFROVERSE

Cheryl Morrow Hair Futurist taking Black Haircare to the Next Level with Education and Technology

Recently, I had to reexamine my company. Black haircare was being replaced by natural hair care.

What am I supposed to do?

Focus on the past or have an unclouded vision of the future. So, I went with the latter. My Dad told me “Part of the Dream is the Affirmation”   The black hair industry was changing and so will I. Since change is inevitable, I will make the change rather than simply go through it. In 1961, Dr. Morrow change the course in the Black haircare industry, and I must do the same.

My former colleagues and I created the Afro Cosmetology and the Curl Academy. This led to a campaign that opened opportunities. In 2021, I had my “Damascus Moment”. An associate told me “Technology changes every minute don’t be one second late” Then I decided to upgrade. After further discussion with my tech associates, we decide that a crypto ecosystem is a next step.

Hubert Gaillard – Digital Futurist

Creates a Future for Urban Code Creatives

Did anyone say “Game On” that is what Hubert Gaillard says when it comes to his passion for game development.

Most important is his skill to see the future in technology. As a graduate of Game Heads ( an Oakland, California-based tech organization) first annual accreditation program partnership with Cal State University-East Bay, Niantic, Inc., Oculus, and Unity Technologies. This program enhanced his skills in mixed media.

In 2008, he decided to leave the banking/ finance industry to focus on the technical aspects of game development. Born in Harlem, New York, Hubert met Cheryl Morrow during her tenure there. Soon after, Carlos Mann a military veteran/data analyst joined the team and the Morrow-Afroverse ® was proposed. The team decided to create a digital version of Afrocentricity where creators can thrive.

Hubert stated “I always had a knack for mathematics, computer science, and trends of the future. Back in the 1980s, I saw that innovative technology was the new frontier. I’m sort of a tech geek who did not care if I was the only one in that space. The thought process is to explore, make mistakes and keep it moving. My ideology is about freedom and sovereignty where the individual makes rules. This is about techno-sustainability which I am proud to be one of the architects.”.

This will be a biosphere of resources funneled into an ecosystem. Understandably, it won’t be easy but giant steps must be taken.

So, join us on the Morrow-Afroverse ® journey.

The Mann with the Vision

Carlos Mann is a gentle and savvy man that knows his vision and direction. He learned about the world of crypto and digital fintech, shared it with his team and the rest is history. He envisioned a world where beauty could become a controlled environment.

Since that day, our magic has created the most AFRO-centered luxury for the global afro beauty industry.

Carlos Mann means business, the way he sees it, the only business is the business of one’s cultural treasures.

Stay tuned as the AFROVERSE as it unfolds.


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