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Rising Star Shyra James Goes for the Goal

Women deserve more than just a pat on the back! by Amya Jones Although the sports industry has always been male-centric and it seems athletic women have been swept under the rug and left out of today’s sports industry, vigorously active women are now improving in the sports market. Whether it’s a four-time gold medalist

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Food4less not Badfood4less

I was insulted, Our Community Must Demand Better Service I was insulted, embarrassed, and highly offended at the food4Less when I returned a watermelon at the located in Lemon Grove. Only a block and a half distance from my Business. I actually, could not believe what happened to me. I was bringing a watermelon back

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4th Amendment is Never Mentioned

The use of the 4th Amendment properly and thus understanding that there must be Probable Cause to take out their handcuffs, place them around someone’s wrist; detain them, then remove their person


California Cannabis legalization leaves little room for small business and entrepreneurs.