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Out Of This World: Lettuce Grown In Space Might Resist Astronauts’ Bone Loss

By Martin M Barillas Transgenic lettuce may one day be grown in space and eaten by astronauts to fight bone-density loss, known as osteopenia, during long-term space travel in microgravity — and may also address bone loss for the Earth-bound. At the University of California-Davis, researchers are developing a genetically modified lettuce featuring a bone-growing

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New NASA Telescope’s First Photo Is Stunning Image From Deep Space

By Zachary Rosenthal The first sharp image from NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope captured a stunningly clear photo of a twinkling star roughly more than 2,000 light-years away from Earth. The photo, released on Wednesday, shows the distant Milky Way star located in deep space about 2,000 light-years away in the Ursa Major constellation. Experts

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New Car For Moon And Mars Unveiled — And Test Driven By Retired Astronaut Chris Hadfield

By Ana Marjanovic A new lunar rover has been unveiled — and been given the mark of approval by retired astronaut Chris Hadfield. The FLEX (Flexible Logistics and Exploration) rover aims to be the transport of choice when there is a sustained human presence on the moon and Mars. Californian company Venturi Astrolab, Inc. recently

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