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Banning Books or blocking Critical Race theory won’t hurt Black America

Banning Books in Public Schools is for Headlines; a sort of psychodrama that creates anxiety for the John Q Citizen. It is in my opinion Cyber-Media-Terrorism. It is the trick of over-accentuating what isn’t so-called wanted as if it is hyper-important. The opposite result is actually what is desired, however, it’s the arrogance of the intellectual Black elite and educators that believe the focus is “Books.” This NYC city slick card game of “3 Card Monte” tricks them into thinking conservatives are hyper-focused on Black people. They’re not!


Within America’s court of law, there is only the ideal of justice. In the minds of black people trapped within the westernized concept of human fairness, the four hundred and four year (404) journey with madam justice towards African jurisprudence is just as futile to the likeliness of Jesus coming back for us; at least

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The Business of the NFL

Brian Flores’s Dolphins swept Bill Belichick’s supreme team “New England Patriots” all season. Did Brian’s lack of tanking games possibly embarrass Bill? Did Brain spank his boys with the Dolphin broom, and sent those Patriots home with their tails between their legs anger Bill? Was the text message a “Dig” at Brian’s hopes and dreams, by texting “You have the job” then saying “Oops, sorry, wrong Brian.” I believe Bill knew what he was doing.


A Justice Anita Hill will be a real Apology! Here’s the script: White Men say: “YOU Must Be Qualified” What does that mean? When all jurists go to law school and once they do, they’re all given a license to practice. Where ever that takes them, multiple paths to sharpen and form their qualifications, those

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BLACK Wealth for Civil Rights

The title will astound you if you were to truly understand it. The year 2022 presents the Black individual with a real conundrum. It doesn’t matter if you are, a Ph.D., JD, CIVIL RIGHTS ACTIVIST, COMMUNITY LEADER, ENTREPRENEUR, or a simple sympathizer of Black People, if you do not understand the exceptionalism of Black people

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