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VIDEO: Little girl and 35-year-old elephant develop unlikely friendship

In the South Indian state of Kerala, two-year-old girl Bhama and 35-year-old elephant Uma Devi have developed an unlikely friendship. They first met when Bhama was born and then the meetings became more frequent when Bhama became six months old. Bhama’s mother, Devika Mahesh, told Zenger, “I was a little bit afraid of [their relationship],

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Black Trump supporter gunned down, federal investigation demanded

Bernell Trammell, a local personality of Milwaukee’s Riverwest neighborhood who was known for his political activism and religious proselytizing, was shot and killed in broad daylight.  Trammell, a vocal Rastafarian sometimes nicknamed “Ras,” was known to his neighbors as a “Rasta street preacher” who would frequently quote Biblical scripture to passersby. He said in one

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TRUE Community Powers

Policing onced worked in All San Diego Communities by Bob Filner Community Policing-lt Once Worked in San Diego! From 1987-1992, l was the City Councilmember for District 8-which included many of San Diego’s black and brown neighborhoods. Based on my long history of working on problems of institutionalized racism, I asked Mayor Maureen O’Connor and

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