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Less Is More: Netafim Is Turning Floods Into Drips Worldwide, Increasing Farming Yields 

By Abigail Klein Leichman Food, water, land. Global trends indicate these survival basics are in jeopardy and will become scarce in the not-so-distant future. “If assumptions about population growth come true, we will need to feed about 10 billion people 30 years from today,” says Gaby Miodownik, CEO of Netafim, the kibbutz-based company driving mass adoption

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Out Of This World: Lettuce Grown In Space Might Resist Astronauts’ Bone Loss

By Martin M Barillas Transgenic lettuce may one day be grown in space and eaten by astronauts to fight bone-density loss, known as osteopenia, during long-term space travel in microgravity — and may also address bone loss for the Earth-bound. At the University of California-Davis, researchers are developing a genetically modified lettuce featuring a bone-growing

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