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What the future of education looks like

Yes, of course, Lawana Richmond is one of San Diego’s most passionate educators, however, she’s got something up her sleeve! The School Board From Foster care to Professor, Lawna knows first hand where and how education can lose its way, but most importantly, Lawana tells a different story of how education can transform when transformers

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Rising Star Shyra James Goes for the Goal

Women deserve more than just a pat on the back! by Amya Jones Although the sports industry has always been male-centric and it seems athletic women have been swept under the rug and left out of today’s sports industry, vigorously active women are now improving in the sports market. Whether it’s a four-time gold medalist

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London, bridges city of SF

Board of Supervisors President London Breed made San Francisco history Wednesday as she was assured of becoming the first African American woman to be elected mayor. “I’m so hopeful about the future of our city. I’m looking forward to serving as your mayor, and I’m truly humbled and truly honored,” Breed said in a brief appearance on

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Tears of Accountability

The Checks and Balances of the check and balances SACRAMENTO (CBM) – The California legislature has taken concrete steps to try to address officer police shootings. Assembly Budget Subcommittee 5 on Public Safety has announced it will create a unit of the Department of Justice (DOJ) designated to investigate officer shootings. The committee also allocated

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4th Amendment is Never Mentioned

The use of the 4th Amendment properly and thus understanding that there must be Probable Cause to take out their handcuffs, place them around someone’s wrist; detain them, then remove their person