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Digital Worlds: The Metaverse Spurs Business Growth And Opportunities

By Michelle D. Madsen Business consultant Deloitte frames the metaverse as consisting of various digital technologies. They include extended reality (XR) devices, edge and cloud computing, 5G and 6G cellular networks, artificial intelligence and machine learning, volumetric scanning and 3D modeling and blockchain/cryptocurrency/NFTs. The virtual manifestations are varied — from a new way to hold

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Climate Irony: Cleaner Air Linked To Increase In Atlantic Hurricanes 

By Allison Finch Reducing air pollution has important health benefits — but it can also have an unusual impact on the environment. A new study from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), recently published in the journal Science Advances, examined how particulate air pollution, or aerosols, and climate change have affected tropical cyclones over

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Before the gunman shot down 10 Black people in Buffalo, New York, at a supermarket on Saturday afternoon, he had stated his intent: “kill as many Black people as possible.” He reportedly wrote these words in a 180-page screed published online before he carried out what investigators are calling a hate crime and a racist act of violent extremism.

The Future Is Hear: Piece Of Paper And Metal Foil Is All You Need To Eavesdrop 6G Transmissions

By Simona Kitanovska The new high-tech 6G wireless technology could be hacked in five minutes using a piece of office paper, an inkjet printer, a metallic foil transfer and a laminator. The security flaw which would allow hackers to eavesdrop on 6G wireless signals was discovered by engineering researchers from Rice University and Brown University,

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Dream Achieved: NASA Astronaut Jessica Watkins Boards The International Space Station

By John Murphy NASA astronaut Jessica Watkins made history last month when she became the first Black woman to live and work on the International Space Station. Late last year, NASA announced Watkins would be assigned to the SpaceX Crew-4 mission to space. She was first selected as an astronaut by NASA in 2017. On

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When You Don’t Want To Be Here

1,810 Black people aged five to 17 who had died by suicide between 2003 and 2017. They found that suicides rose over-time during that period among Black youth of all ages and that the biggest increases occurred among teens aged 15 to 17. More than 2.5 times as many Black boys died by suicide as Black girls, but the annual increase among girls—6.6 percent—was more than twice what it was for boys.

VIDEO: Mom-believeable: Twins Surprise Stepmom On Mother’s Day By Asking Her To Adopt Them

By Anamarija Brnjarchevska Identical twins asked their stepmom of 12 years to legally adopt them in a special surprise on Mother’s Day. Julianna and Gabriella Ruvolo, 20, immediately felt a connection with stepmom Becky, 37, when their dad, Pete, 50, introduced them to her over a decade ago. Pete met Becky in 2010 whilst working

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