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Azerbaijan’s Response To Russia’s Invasion Has Included Plans For Increased Energy Exports To Europe

By Joseph Hammond European Union leaders pledged in May to stop Russian energy imports as a part of a broader effort to censure and sanction Moscow for its invasion of Ukraine.  Enter Azerbaijan, which has pledged to increase natural gas imports to Europe following the start of the war.   “Not only are we looking to

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Why Electric Cars Should Be Charged At Public Charging Stations In The Daytime

By Alice Clifford Electric car drivers should move to daytime charging at public charging stations by 2035 to save electricity and help reduce greenhouse gas emissions, according to new research from Stanford. The study focused on the western United States and examined the stress the region’s electric grid will come under in the next 13

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International Climate Tech Center Launches In NYC

By Abigail Klein Leichman [themoneytizer id=”100031-1″] An innovation center for sustainable technological solutions to climate change in urban landscapes is coming to New York City’s SoHo neighborhood through a partnership among . Recommended from our partners The post International Climate Tech Center Launches In NYC appeared first on Zenger News. sdmonitornewsThe San Diego Monitor-News has

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Mami Wata aka the Little Mermaid

The joke is on Black people; all the time. Black America, discussing the Black version of the Little Mermaid, is a fascinating subject. Not because it is a subject about Mermaids, but because as much as white conservatives say why can’t things stay the way they were, Black people seem to think that mermaids were in fact originally white! Is it too far-fetch to understand why would a white person in America and or in Europe, want to whiten something that was black? Where is white power, white lives matter, and white pride when you need them?

On Sports Media: Michaels And Amazon Are Ready For Thursday Night Football

By Jim Williams (BALTIMORE —) Earlier this year Amazon Prime Video made streaming history by signing a $1 billion a year, 11-year deal with the NFL for Thursday Night Football, shifting into an exclusive arrangement after years of simulcasting games with linear networks. Amazon will become the home of Thursday Night Football this week when

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UK And Japan Team Up To Develop Next-Generation Fighter Engine

By Joseph Hammond Japan and the United Kingdom have decided to collaborate on next-generation fighter jets, pooling their technology and resources to get the greatest bang for their dollars. Japan’s F-X program and the United Kingdom’s Tempest, both of which are scheduled to fly in the early 2030s, will be the world’s first sixth-generation fighters.

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