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A team of model makers spent hundreds of hours recreating the iconic British Grand Prix Silverstone circuit – out of Scalextric.

The 25 meters (82.02 feets) (82.02 feet s) (82.02 feet) long detailed replica allows race fans to relive their youths and compete against each other on the world-famous F1 track.

The circuit is made up of 108 individual sections of Scalextric track and features grandstands and the Silverstone Wing’s pit garages and pit lane.

It includes all the twists and turns of the real thing, and visitors can take control of tiny replicas of cars driven by the British driver Damon Hill and other F1 legends.

Remarkable timelapse footage shows how a team of model enthusiasts painstakingly assembled the track piece-by-piece at the Silverstone Museum.

Dedicated staff can be seen carefully constructing the course into position at the attraction in Towcester, Northants., as part of their new Easter exhibit.

Rachel James, from Silverstone Museum, said: “We are extremely excited to reveal our amazing ‘On Track’ exhibition which will see Scalextric take over the museum.

Anthony Davidson and David Croft Race on the Scalextric Silverstone Track. The circuit is made up of 108 individual sections of Scalextric track and features grandstands and the Silverstone Wing’s pit garages and pit lane. SILVERSTONE MUSEUM/SWNS

“To see the incredible iconic Silverstone Circuit recreated in such detail by the Scalextric team is fantastic.

“We know the new attraction will be a winner with motorsport addicts, families and car fans alike.

“Having the original full-size vehicles, including Damon Hill’s Williams race car making its debut as part of our Easter exhibition is fantastic.”

The Silverstone Scalextric replica was opened to the public on Saturday (1/4) for two weeks and will then become a permanent attraction at the museum.

Sky Sports F1 pundits Anthony Davidson and David Croft tested out the circuit for the first time alongside retired pro footballer Neil Ruddock.

Anthony said: “Every kid loves a Scalextric, I was lucky enough to have a go with Crofty and it is the ultimate, I’ve never driven a better one.

“It’s a truly spectacular showpiece – I loved it!”

David added: “I haven’t played Scalextric for ages, I just don’t get the chance, but If I lived closer, I would come here every day.

“It’s mega and it’s got all the right corners, as close as we possibly can, to what I still think is the greatest track on the F1 calendar.

“So, if like me, you are not good enough to drive Silverstone, you might as well come and play the Scalextric version because it is the next best thing quite frankly.

“I absolutely loved it. I think they have done a mega job and I think it will be a star attraction here for a long while to come.”

Neil said: “I really didn’t know what to expect but the childhood memories of playing Scalextric and watching the British Grand Prix on the telly with my family came flooding back.”

Simon Owen, head of Scalextric brand added: “For generations, Scalextric has been a beloved brand among racing fans of all ages.

“Now, with our collaboration with the Silverstone Museum, we’re taking that love to a whole new level.

“With our collective passion for racing together with the museum’s unparalleled collection of artifacts and racing memorabilia, we’re creating an experience that’s not just fun and exciting, but also informative and educational.”

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