Black People, let Governor DeSantis sanitize the American history of Black people, it’s not true anyway, but where is the small government, Republicans?


Ok, so if we can accept that Hidji Mansa Musa, and Mansa Abu Bakr the II, were West African, from the empire of Mali, why do we need to fantasize about the African settlement of Malian women, being beastly women from the Amazon?

Education Prerequisite: Stretch the truth, so it will sound ridiculous and then be placed in history as a myth. The American way is falsehoods.

The fuss over African American studies has never had anything to do with facts or nationhood. Blacks and Africans loved America so much, they brought it GOLD!

Pre- European America’s story did not start with slavery, White America’s and the United States’ story did.

People in general who knows about this legend see it as hidden history, while others see it as a myth. Currently to this day, there are debates on the validity of her existence. One source maintains that the Spaniards upon arriving along the California shores saw a number of Black people with ships. They asked the Indians who were they and the Indians replied that these “black, curly-haired people,” were of the land (California) and traded with people across the sea (the Pacific Ocean) by sailing back and forth.

I don’t know about you but I’m more inclined to believe the Native American Indians. Sailing from the Pacific Ocean & trading seems more likely regarding this legend. – Sola

Where were these Black Californians going to in the Pacific? It is most likely they were trading with people in Hawaii or as far as the South Pacific where the Black population has always been very large and very widespread. In fact, when Magellan arrived in the Philippines, there were large numbers of Negritos who were well organized and according to some sources a strong population (African Presence in Early Asia, edt. by Ivan Van Sertima, Runoko Rashidi).

Rafinesque mentions a number of Black groups in his work, “The Primitive Black Nations of America,” (Fiends Society, Philadelphia, 1833).

Columbus and his men as well as people like Balboa and Peter Martyr do mention “Ethiopians” in the Caribbean, the Darien region of Panama, the cost of South America, California, and other areas.  In fact, the Spaniards mention the legend of Queen Califia as being a Black Amazon Queen who ruled a land at the edge of the world, where the women were warriors and decked in gold.

Montalvo is said to have gotten a book that mentions Queen Calafia and her Black Amazon warriors. So therefore he was not the original author of Queen Califia’s history/legend. It must be older than the day it was published in 1510 Spain. 

Happy Black Consciousness Month…