The Dim-ocrat’s energy fields have crystalized and can no longer absorb cosmic energy.

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MLK DAY 2023 The Message of the New Age

Our staff Re-imagined MLK Jr. in a green spiritual state, as NASA has found, well so-called found a new planet and a green comet dashing across the universe. We were inspired to give tribute to MLK in such a way that would inspire us from the Horus Realm of his green planet of fertile consciousness.

Enjoy and Happy MLK Jr. Day!

Welcome to the Horus Realm

In an era where Artificial Intelligence became conscious when the Eluhlaza, a green comet became the sun of the planet Horus. On the planet Horus, there is truly no consciousness but your own. The challenge is that, is a planet of disengaging and reprogramming. It only welcomes souls that want to be truly free. It is where you go to reprogram your soul’s code from planet earth.

This is where you meet Mansa Ethertron formally known as Martin Luther King Jr.on planet earth. Mansa Ether as he is called; has a message for planet earth and the green souls who will choose to come to his planet.

At an Inyanga, which is a monthly gathering of the green party, Mansa Ether delivers a speech. For those on planet earth here is the translation:


SAWABONA, I’m Mansa Ubaba Eluh Ethertron: The Emperor Father Green Warrior

I greet you in the Horus of the Ugesi Insimu Kazibuthe (Electro Magnetic Field) of the Eluhlaza (the Green coiled one.)

As we move into our green energy soul; a renewed assignment is required, so I come to impress upon earth soldiers of the political kin, to tap into the real green food of their soul. The energy within the democratic party has turned a faded white. When our energies begin to go into the visible hue, it is time to see their force fields clearly. This party is now completely reached, the reflective crystal mode. The Dim-ocrat’s energy fields have crystalized and can no longer absorb cosmic energy.

This party of souls who yet continue to rob your soul’s energy while replenishing their own has been poisoned by their own kind, therefore, there can be no more repairing. It is time for all these energy bodies to be unplugged. This assignment has been accomplished. You must now use your frustration with these unsustainable energy bodies to DISENGAGE immediately. They will decompose into the soil of their time-space reality.

As we reform our political bodies and beliefs in the AGE of our water mother energy; the age of AQUARIA, this is our return back into our Ugesi Insimu Kazibuthe (Electro Magnetic Field) of the Eluhlaza. We now allow our intelligence and language of this age to bathe our spirits with sustainable grids of micro-political parties, that follow and govern us through cosmic law. Our Celestial government will flow into the rhythmically green frequency and pour our waters into our terrestrial needs and aspirations.

Our soil is fertile now.

I tell you I am alive and well, I AM mind, spirit, and soul, undivided and wiser. I AM you!

Find your own peace, and remember the Green Light is an effortless way,

Mansa Ubaba Eluh Ethertron (formally known as Martin Luther King Jr. on planet earth)

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