Race, is the Motif of AMERICA, why was it called a theory in the first place?

As CRT or Critical Race Theory permeates the political stage, further confusing and polarizing these Divided States of America, the division ISSSSSS the glue. That’s the thing! And everyone is stuck.

Education allows one to be informed through many lenses of perspectives. One would think Americans have the highest IQs on the social phenomenon while having distinct abilities and more of a sophisticated awareness to decipher what is a social necessity from a social hazard.

Then the use of that information would be employed in a way that could potentially create life-support standards of living. That individual dwells with enhancements that are akin to that individual to THRIVE beyond a need to struggle for mere Survival.

Race in America is sacrosanct, period! Calling it a theory is an abomination, only because AMERICA can’t function without it. Race is Heroine and AMERICA IS A JUNKIE.

Race is an addiction and addictive! Yes, it’s painful trying to be a Civilized America. Its bones of old aches from years of polarized justice. Afrofuturism is the opioid substitute that first by inviting America the opportunity to rehab its way into Racism Sobriety.

Again, RACE IS Vital to AMERICA, it must exist. If it ceases, AMERICA as we all know it will fall. Afroism is the divine presence of our first time on earth, it is the catalyst to ask both earth and the cosmos, where did we go wrong? AFROism with the suffix; futurism, return us to our most human ground zero.

What we want America to transform into must be in place before we start tearing down its rotting infrastructure. Some pillars are useful, but most aren’t. Afrofuturism asks the most important questions, like “What do we want to preserve, what must go, and what should we never, ever do again?”

Afrofuturism is the most sustainable cure for what ails AMERICA because it centers the conversation by parallax and bridging the polarization within us all into relationship axiology with each other, not as an “Other.

AFROFUTURISM is a solvent within communication systems when cultures coexist. The AFRO portion of the word commands us to look back to look forward. Whatever has not worked. Whatever crimes against nature we’ve committed, what is out of the natural order? Finally, for human beings to resist the lower frequencies that disassociate humanness from nationhood.

SDMNEWS will devote 2023 to the service of creating new communication systems to make room for the NEW AGERS who merge their communication with all forms of love such as

within their narratives. This blueprint is the nutrition our communities need to become biophilic, prosperous, and dynamic.

Happy Holiday and Happy 2023!