Kevin De Leon’s refusal to resign is about his thirst for a paycheck and the privilege it affords him, it’s that simple. This latest incident of him being in the proximity of racist cohorts wasn’t his first Crowmanship incident; he doesn’t try hard to hide it.  

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Why Black Americans find camaraderie with Latin Americans is peculiar in nature. Racism is an odd social illness in and of itself. Though it may serve as a connector of groups with very different American historicity; make no bones about it, it’s a smoldering fire brewing underneath the political pursuit of power and privilege. Let’s be clear about one thing, BROWN CROW is an opinion, not a real concept.

Brown Crow photoshops a picture that critically points out the inappropriate entitlement Latinos feel via their Spain/European colonizer relatives. Embarking on American political city hall clout with covert racist behavior through social resentment, in hopes that it will weave themselves into a modern way of living in America is real. But it should not be Black America’s political problem. As democracy works, in terms of the numbers game, this is how the Hispanic and Latino community wants to play it.

Brother Brown sees Black Americans as competitors, Period!

So-called Brown folk, seem to feel via a Eurocentric Hispanic superiority complex will deliver them a version of the American dream. Why Black Americans feel that Brownness is a brethren link to the hope-chests of Black folks, is yet again disappointing as it is Bizarre. This patty-wagon mentality seems to believe that if we get caught up together; take the perp walk together on national news, then that makes us political kin. Brown does not feel the love connection of the Hood-fellow co-brand.

Brown Crow suggests that just because we seem to be inner city prisoners of war, held in captivity within the same barbwire hood, we are therefore Hood-fellows for the same reasons.  What Black America doesn’t realize is that the hostage taker and the hostage negotiator are one and the same. While Black folks are saying “Black and Brown” Brother Brown is negotiating only the behalf of BROWN.

It’s been and always will be about power, control, and money. Black America has always dealt with Spaniard barbarianism but under the “Hood” illusion of kinship. In the face of Spaniard-European racism and Spaniard European classism from Latino politicians almost seems like an anomaly, but very real.

In the Los Angeles political environments these days Brown Crow is and has always been alive. It is fascinating that Black people felt the need to coin the phrase “Black and Brown People” including Brown in their pleas for civility as if vicariously Black people could say it enough, Latinos would include it in their lexicon i.e., “Brown and Black People”.

Black people… they will not! Why?

Because in the game of “Numbers”, in the game of “RACE” and finally in the game of AMERICA where minorities are losers and majorities are winners, it doesn’t make sense to, that’s why!

BROWN CROW Explained by Legendary Activist and Black Californian TERRY ANDERSON

Brown Crow is not brown, due to their connection to colored folks; their politics don’t have an affinity toward dark-skinned politics.  The Brown facet came in due to their prior indigenousness, today, it bends towards their two colonial class systems.  So, what is even more bizarre, is the inherited disparate, disproportionately underserved, the “Poor Latino label, which ironically was created by both Spaniard and American colonialism. Strangely, Black people seem to think this would naturally make them our bedfellows, right? NO!

Even though Black Africa and African bodies continue to this very day; pay to feed their colonial westernization status. While their colonizer’s wealth and power continue to grow in Europe and Latin America, the part that would really make us brothers and sisters, unfortunately, was rerouted over some 200 years ago.

Latin America’s wholesale brand of racism is just as sinister, but the audacity is unparallel.    

This brings the Brown Crow ideology to the Los Angeles City Council. Within their own classicist, racist, elitist fiesta, shrouded in their privileged European Spaniard surnames; tried to pass down some good ole fashioned American-style bigoted stereotypical backroom talk. This is what Brown Crow wants to be when it grows up.

Black America cannot afford to be hypnotized by apologies or to ignore our true history with the Spanish colonial psycho-social remains. BROWN CROW just like JIM CROW is real.

BROWN CROW is a chip on the board game, folks.

There will be empathizers and sympathizers of course, but it doesn’t change the game.  Brown Crow is the perfect medicine for Black America; it has been right in Black America’s face for decades.

This country is a true democracy where minorities want to be majorities. We recently interviewed the publisher of SDMNEWS, Cheryl Morrow goes on to say, “Los Angeles is the perfect showdown city for this to happen, Latinos and Hispanics are alike in that they deal with their interest, and American-born Africans must do the same.”

In the great state of California, African Americans need to always lead with incomparable contributions and not be fooled and betrayed yet again by so-called hood fellows. The Geographical Hoodness, has definitely worn off.

The math seems to have gone to their heads or at least have come to a head. Latinos and Hispanic’s median ages are staggering with African Americans not being too much older. The problem with Hispanics and Latinos playing the numbers game; may be a pro or a con, with the youngest population in the United States, demographically they may not all be interested in the political board game.

Black America just needs to get ready to sit back and watch the game.  

Kevin De Leon’s refusal to resign is about his thirst for a paycheck and the privilege it affords him, it’s that simple. This latest incident of him being in the proximity of racist cohorts wasn’t his first Crowmanship incident; he doesn’t try hard to hide it.  

But one thing is clear to Black America, Jim has taught Brown how to crow, croon, beg, cry and plead when they get caught.

They even have the same talking point…We need to HEAL! Wonder where they got that from?


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