Communications impresario and CEO of S. Harris Communications, Shane Harris (at podium) introduces San Diego to legacy, starting with consummate business legend Willie Morrow. Left to Right: Pastor Steve Cooper, business associate Juan Ramirez, BCA founder Abdur Rahim Hameed, Pastor Jackie Gusman, Founder of CMI Insurance Curtis Moring Jr. SDMNEWS publisher and daughter of Willie Morrow Cheryl Morrow, and Founder of The Root Digger Yvette Porter-Moore.

The time is now for the younger generations to watch and learn, but most importantly, it’s a critical time for the older generations to be seen as they lived so their lives can teach.

Shane Harris ~ CEO, S. Harris Communications

When San Diegans wake up and as they travel the mean streets of our city, do they feel their city will recognize them for their hard work? Appreciate them for their hard-earned contributions? The Above and Beyond style of these folks is an understatement.

But no one ever thinks of how street names become our home’s identity. We come and go, and repeat our addresses without a second thought. We can choose our license plate, but not our street? As much as we like to say the spirit of our home is important, just imagine, living on Happy Ave. or Steve Jobs Way. Yep, it would make you feel pretty awesome.

On Monday the Legend Team got going, and the question was not just about the legendary names that will ultimately don a street sign, but to ask “Is our city taking care of those who took care of us?” Harris says “There is no city without the people who give their time, gifts and their talents, let’s be honest, says Harris.”

Harris adds, “Actually, it should be a civic privilege to name streets just like it is a civic duty to serve on a jury. Harris goes on to say “if I had it my way I would make it a civic service to rename or name streets, just to speed up the process and avoid all the red tape. Right now, it’s quite a tedious process and it shouldn’t be. Let’s allow the citizens to partake in a process that ultimately determines their property taxes and where they raise their families, Harris states.”

Shane is supported by a confidential committee for what he calls the Legacy Campaign. It highlights legacies left by San Diegans that are either first in their class or have performed at such a level that others and their heirs can take their baton, and follow in their footsteps for a brighter tomorrow.

Heir of the San Diego Monitor News and California Curl beauty company, Cheryl Morrow, says “It’s kind of an out-of-body experience, you know, one day they’re just dad and mom and the next they’re legends so, the saga continues, she says.

Shane goes on to say it was a no-brainer to start with Mr. Morrow, though his accomplishments are staggering, his spirit and business style was relatable and unforgettable.

Harris shares his sentiments about his dear mentor, life, and business father; and was clear

“The San Diego Monitor Business Journal started as a business index, not as a purveyor of newsprint. His focus was on his community so we could have our own economy, within our own district. He saw us as capable and competitive. He believed with our own commercial markets, our community could rival and compete like in other parts of our city. The more successful he became the more south he moved and that’s the makings of a truly committed man, and that’s why I started the “Legacy Campaign.” A San Diegan whose footsteps will not only be in the sands of time but forever engraved in the concrete of our streets. Harris goes on to say, “If Willie Morrow worked hard to put San Diego on the national and global map, we certainly can put him on our local map.

We will get this done!”