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Four in 10 over-40s are opting for thrill-packed adventure vacations over relaxing by the pool – choosing to hike, ride horses, road cycle and ski instead of the traditional beach break.

Research of 2,000 adults, aged over 40, found others enjoy riding rollercoasters, wild camping, and mountain biking.

While snorkeling, kayaking, mountain climbing, and zip-lining are also popular.

And of those yet to experience such activities, 73 percent are seeking to be more active following the events of the pandemic.

More than half (56 percent) want to make more memories while they can and 49 percent are keen to make vacations fun again.

The research was commissioned by Voltarol, which has also created a quiz to find out how adventurous you really are when it comes to going on holiday.

Four in 10 over 40s are opting for thrill-packed adventure holidays over relaxing by the pool – choosing to hike, ride horses, road cycle and ski instead of the traditional beach break. (Jon Mills, SWNS/Zenger)

Hannah Ford, from the brand, said: ”Age is but a number. It is how healthy, active and audacious you are that can make the difference.

“The fact that nearly half of adults over the age of 40 have become more adventurous is a good sign, as pushing yourself out of your comfort zone can bring incredible health benefits – both physically and mentally.

“We’re not surprised that hiking came out as the top holiday activity for the over 40s, as, while the pursuit can seem mild rather than wild, the breath-taking views, blood-pumping cardiac exercise and mind-clearing side effects of the hobby can’t be beaten in terms of adventure – no matter how old you are.

“Age aside, it is always important to remain as cautious as possible to avoid any unnecessary injuries while having fun.”

The study also found nearly half of those who are less adventurous tend to gradually take things a step at a time on vacation, with 35 percent concerned they may injure themselves if they take it up a notch with their activities.

As a result, some do prefer to stick to slower-paced activities including visiting a nearby town, eating out and going to the beach.

Adam Peaty of England snorkels during an athlete Great Barrier Reef expereince on day eight of the Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games at the Great Barrier Reef on April 12, 2018 on Lady Elliot Island, Australia. (Photo by Mark Kolbe/Getty Images for Tourism Queensland)

While 42 percent admit they need to take more time to recover from physically demanding activities on holiday.

And 45 percent are fearful of injuring themselves, with a third having previously hurt something while on an adventure.

Nearly a quarter of these (23 percent) have broken a bone while 19 percent dislocated something.

When they faced the injury, the poll, carried out via OnePoll, found 45 percent admitted it slowed down the rest of their holiday.

While four in 10 were put off being so adventurous in the future.

Hannah Ford added: “There is always the worry about picking up an injury as we grow older but more importantly when we do more physically demanding activities.

“However, this shouldn’t put people off experimenting with new ways to adventure with family and friends while making new memories on holiday, and there are many activities out there which are perfect for all ages.

“Our advice is to take things slowly, know your limits and make sure every activity your doing is safe and responsible.”

Kayakers are seen enjoying the weather on July 18, 2021 in Weymouth, England.(Photo by Finnbarr Webster/Getty Images)


1. Hiking
2. Riding rollercoasters
3. Horse riding
4. Snorkeling
5. Road cycling
6. Trekking
7. Skiing
8. Kayaking
9. Wild camping
10. Mountain biking
11. Mountain climbing
12. Zip lining
13. Jet skiing
14. Rock climbing
15. Quad biking
16. Surfing
17. Canoeing in rapids
18. Windsurfing
19. Paragliding
20. Parasailing

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