By Jonathan Hobbs

Men are getting in touch with their feelings in a new venue.

Inside Out Friends is a collection of 5,555 NFTs made just for men who don’t shy away from revealing both their inner and outer identities. (NFTs are non-funglible tokens that digitally represent any asset.)

The inaugural non-fungible token collection displays not only tangible items, but also things that cannot be seen, such as the model’s personality, ideas, emotions, sentiments, desires, beliefs and values.

The centerpiece of the collection is a glass head that contains the player’s true self. Each individual characteristic was carefully selected with the intention of conveying a distinct message.

The author, Stefan Jovanovic, a.k.a Stefanikius, chose nearly 250 characteristics for the Inside Out Friends collection, and he drew each by hand.

The author said his goal — and the challenge of demonstrating it in the collection — is that beauty can be found in the inner qualities that people possess, as well as their capacity for acceptance.

An algorithm can generate 5,555 distinct personalities for 20something men, including beer lover. (Inside Out Friends)

The best possible combination can be obtained by running all the characteristics through an algorithm that generates 5,555 distinct personalities, or 5,555 different men in their 20s.

Because each quality can be seen in a variety of ways, the distinctiveness is found in human interpretation: No two people will view it in exactly the same light.

“If we used the word “empower,” it would sound too feminine, and the other assumption would be that men have greater power than women. Neither of these assumptions is correct. The collection aims to improve men’s lives, yet using the word “empower” gives the wrong idea.

“The point is that we, too, are human beings. We are not made of stone. We have feelings, needs and emotions. Most significantly, we require love. Women’s empowerment alone will not result in a society that is gender-balanced. We are convinced that gender is a system in which both men and women play critical roles, and we are committed to this belief.”

The author, Stefan Jovanovic, took great care in selecting nearly 250 characteristics for the collection. This one is called wind-up key. (Inside Out Friends)

“We are all in search of a companion and a kinder side. Therefore, the second stage is to establish a working relationship with the NFT’s female side in order to produce an authentic and precise collection” said Jovanovic.

“Guys, let’s be honest: no matter how much we think we know, ladies and women always manage to surprise us, and we have to learn to respect that about them.”

Here are links to online entrances to Inside Out Friends via Twitter / Discord.

Inside Out Friends officially launch on the Magic Eden platform April 25.

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