A 5-year-old African American boy receives assault via a haircut.

LOGANVILLE, Ga. – 5-years-old Jay may not fully comprehend what happened to him in his Pre-K classroom Tuesday afternoon, but mom Carla Royston said he hasn’t stopped talking about it since it happened.

“He talked about it several times yesterday he woke up talking about it today,” Royston told FOX 5’s Deidra Dukes.

Jay’s parents are furious because a paraprofessional at Rosebud Elementary School in Loganville cut their son’s hair during class.

Jay is special needs and, according to his mom, has frequently interacted with the woman during his time at the school without incident

“She’s been so sweet and nice,” Royston said. “I didn’t see this coming.”

INDISPUTABLE, Dr. Rashad Richey

Jay has never had a haircut. His mom sent him to school with his hair in two long braids Tuesday.

The school called her mid-morning to report the incident. She says Jay’s teacher told her that the parapro cut about 3 inches off one ponytail and 6-to-8 inches off the other before abruptly telling the lead teacher she had to go.

Royston says, “She said, ‘What happened are you OK?’ She said, ‘She had her head down.’ She said, ‘She had to go she grabbed her things and she left.’”

Royston said Jay’s teacher later discovered her son’s hair clippings in the trashcan.

The school principal sent a letter home to parents about the incident, stating that the human resources department and school police are investigating and that the accused paraprofessional “will not be permitted to return to our school.”

The Roystons are pursuing criminal charges.

“Whether it was some type of mental thing or whatever it was, it’s definitely scary when you think she had scissors to the back of my child’s head. What if she has an episode where she did something more violent? I just feel like she doesn’t need to be around children anymore,” Royston said.