Behind Men’s Fixation About Abortion Rights

Pro-lifers are funny, But if they could be re-focused, they are PRO-Birthers.

Once upon a time, we all were met to earth by a slap on the ass. Yep, “snap out of it they said!” Does anyone really want to come out of a warm and comfortable womb where your anticipated arrival is met with excitement?

Then, BOOM, you’re on your own kiddo! Since life does not have an opposite, death is the true opposite of birth. So, is life really the issue?

What explains men’s fixation about Abortion remains so bazaar.

If anyone can guess, Abortion isn’t about health care, motherhood, fatherhood, birth control, the baby, or the mother. In other words, it’s not about the breath of life at all.

It’s about the POWER TO BIRTH or not to BIRTH. NAVEL ENVY is real.

For the sake of context, White Males, even replaced the NAVEL with a RIB. The birthing process must be akin to a man’s power and control.

Who could not respect the womb as a culture, as a framework, enriched resourced matrix, and perfect conditions for life to grow which are given to human beings freely by the grace of the mother? So, women must not have this power, they must be controlled and BIRTH must be a privilege given by men, it’s as simple as that!

The day after birth, pro-lifers disappear. They go back to their Religious pulpits, Gun organizations, CEO positions, their Prisons, and Militaries. Men, go back to their roles as second in command but first in control when it comes to the ultimate caretaking responsibilities. They go back to their stereo-typing logic, preparing the ultimate obstacle course for all of us.

Whether you’re Pro-Woman or Pro-Fetus, one thing is clear, men are in control of the After Birth Quality of Life and they really make it very clear that once you’re here…. your ass is theirs so to speak.

The Right to Birth is the new way we should talk about abortion. Because it is about a woman’s self-empowerment, not for righteous weaponizing or moral high-ground, because once you’re born we all experience a male hell.

The Right to Birth should be a Birth-Right, Period! But of course, women, should not have this much power, even if white males acknowledge their own navels, they are envious of how they get them.

Navel Envy as opposed to Sigmund Freud’s Penis Envy, maybe just maybe it’s a man’s secret desire to birth life. His psychosexual and psychosocial desire to control birth is his subconscious desire to give life. Envy of the ultimate act of GOD; the power matrix of creation and the fact God gave it to a woman and the natural power of a mother’s influence over every aspect of life.

Navel Envy, in the biblical text, could be the culprit to why male biblical writers made childbirth a curse. But why? Could it be he wasn’t chosen for the job? Any possession of maleness could never be seen as a curse. If men could birth, it would have been because he was chosen by the SUPREME BEING.

Abortion terminates birth, not life. Women must galvanize together to protect their Navel Giving Powers, at least to the point where their daughters have a say.

Everyone has a Navel that was attached to our mothers; our Creator. If or when we take our first breath, it is given graciously. Politicizing Birth is to Politicize Power.

Could childbirth subconsciously mean fear-based control and fear-based power to the male psyche? If we can have this honest conversation, without weaponizing it, BIRTH can be seen as when God breathed life into “ADAM” as in LIFE begins at the breath. Birth itself without politicizing power, and motherhood can be truly divine.

If the religious perspective is one of morality based on birth and if “Adam and Eve were never born, and we can never prove Mary had a normal pregnancy and birth, why are we having the Abortion issues?

Let’s make QOL, (Quality of Life) our NEW FOCUS!

The day the courts make fathers pay child support in the form of “Community Service” for the child, for instance, 20 hours of diaper changing, 30 hours of babysitting, 100 hours of child transportation, the After-Birth quality of life will most likely be more of a QUALITY focus for PRO-Lifers as opposed to “How” or if they get born or not.

White maleness has been hard on everyone, let’s be honest, controlling a women’s birthing capabilities, when one actually thinks about it, in their mind, is making America Great Again.

What could men really be after here, hmm…