Shane Harris says, Start Your Engines!

When it comes down to either filling your tank or feeding your stomach, there is no choice here.

“I am only here to help, says Harris”. I am a son of San Diego, I love my community, and my job as a San Diegan is to help that’s all, says Harris. I know there were some special interests groups who took me to task about green energy issues, and I really looked at it from their perspective, however, I needed to deal with the close issues that are continually creating anxiety and stress for my community. Economic issues are hitting home in a very detrimental way and I have to deal with them as an immediate need; Now, Today says Harris.”

Harris assists San Diegans at the pump.

“Shane Harris goes on to say, putting gas in our tanks is like two loaves of bread to a hungry stomach and oxygen to those who are suffocating at the pump. It’s a burst of fresh air, it’s that simple. San Diegans can breathe for a moment, that’s it. When my community is suffering together, my job is to get into crisis mode and meet their needs collectively.”

The PAJ asked its partners to dig deep and that’s just what they did. One after the other answered the call to bring some relief. “A full tank of gas is a sigh of relief. I feel good about it, says Harris, people often forget that I am a man that believes this is what Jesus would have done.”

Following Mr. Harris, as he prepares for the next “Gas Me Up 2.0, the parable of Jesus the Messiah feeding 5000 and thus 4000 is comparable here. With the help of Hip Hop 5K and Young Black and “N” Business along with his incredible generous donors, the gas will continue to flow and I don’t mean it as in the “Vapors.”

As SDMNEWS dove underneath the surface into the mission of this much need cause and focus, it was clear that everyone’s humanity calls for our missions to manifest differently, but when it comes down to it, two fish and fives loaves of bread does the job every time.

Sometimes a Black man or woman you gotta do a little “Sumthin…Sumthin” aka “A Miracle” with Trickle Down Economics and make the so-called “TRICKLE” pour directly into the people’s belly and their gas tanks.

For you Millenials and GEN Zer’s who don’t know about the Biblical story of the 2 fish and 5 loaves of bread, here it is: