RUSSOPHOBIA: Poking the Bear

Why isn’t Europe discouraging the United States’ involvement in the instigation of the Ukraine situation?

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If anyone should know how America conquers, kills, and lies and in other words “POKING THE BEAR” Black Americans know! Yes, it’s psycho but hey what are European countries to do?

STAND UP that’s what!


Germany PLEASE Stand up, Say Something!

France… Say Something!!!

Why isn’t Europe discouraging the United States’ involvement in the instigation of the Ukraine situation?

The question becomes and should be asked in every Black American household, is this…

In the fight for liberty and freedom, why is the NARRATIVE different for Palestinians; for example as opposed to Ukraine. The American media is in full throttle on UKRAINE but why?

Why is the subject of freedom, liberty, and sovereignty reported differently in Israel/Palestine versus the UKRAINE? Could it be because Ukrainians are “White”?

SUGGESTIONS FOR Thinking about Ukraine for Black Activist, Black Politicians and Black Media

Have you ever hung out with a person or had a friend; that was a sort of a bully, and your bully friend keeps egging you on about starting a fight you know you can’t win? You don’t mention to your friend you really don’t care about fighting, because basically, things are good; not the best, but at least good. Instead of telling your bully friend to shut his mouth, you keep hoping they’d get it.

America doesn’t get it! Your friend (the Bully) just keeps POKING THE BEAR!

Why is it good for the US to do something and not good for Russia? AKA the Cuban Missle Crisis!

PREEMPTIVE WAR, the United States’ best weapon!

From a Black America’s point of view, we know first hand what it feels like to have friends aka allies to be a nuisance that is opposed to our best interest. This is the story of our relationship with America. They say they are going to honor an agreement and then they don’t.

This betrayal starts this huge fight and all you want to do is dissolve the friendship. But that friend doesn’t realize the implications of their actions, needless to say, eventually, you need to get rid of this friend that makes trouble everywhere he goes.

It is hard to see the writing on the wall when it’s your wall that needs reading. If Donald Trump could be taken seriously, the problem could have been solved if he had made the case of dissolving NATO in a way that made sense, and of course with America’s history of bullying, this is always impossible.

Russophobia or any phobia for that matter is just that, PHOBIA. Unfortunately for Americans, we just don’t get the full truth, and I’m not quite sure Americans can’t take the truth. Russia is not a treat. Let me repeat that…RUSSIA IS NOT A THREAT TO WORLD PEACE?

As a Black American media news service, it is clear that parroting the rest of American sentiments that there’s a boogyman OUT THERE and not IN HERE….is lazy journalism at worst and for Black news to not point out that though American patriotism in some cases are good, in cases like wars we don’t understand, it is always a great opportunity to seek not just truth but to seek perspectives at the very least place our national attention in directions that lead us to different places.

The oddest thing about American political environments is that Black Americans have been Putin at one point in time!


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