Banning Books will desensitize White America and create a robotic population with little to no emotional intelligence for human relations. I guess that’s the point.

Yep SD Monitor-News has changed the conversation once again. SD Monitor-News is committed to a new conversation, for GEN BLKXL. Black Excellence is not about being better than anyone else, but about their Black consciousness, as it raises within her or his self to perform in one’s interest.

The reason this point is important is that if you look closely, Banning Books is a great opportunity to rewrite them, place them in other genres, and WRITE smarter. Smarter in terms of the African American ORAL TRADITION.

Above: Edward Clay Wright’s piece dubbed “LEGACY”

As an Heir of a well-oiled machine by the age of around seven I “Got It.” In the above picture, the mentor is giving the mentee a key. The key is symbolic of legacy and inheritance. The Key of Knowledge unlocks the benefits package of one’s inheritance and prevents them from participating in their own demise.

In the above regard, the greatest gift I ever received was my acute ability to see in a four-dimensional way. As a newspaper publisher of black news, this is extremely important. The reason is, a four-dimensional perspective furnishes the ability to never deal with the minors of oppression in the trade of dealing with its majors.

I understood, that when things happen to Black people in the economic and political sense, were most often the innocent bystander, so with that said, Why does Black America care if white children learn about race when it is that very privilege of not knowing (about others) is what keeps them rulers, in control, and super-rich? What they don’t know today, won’t and will never matter tomorrow; that’s if they’re still in power.

Banning Books in Public Schools is for Headlines; a sort of psychodrama that creates anxiety for the John Q Citizen. It is in my opinion Cyber-Media-Terrorism. It is the trick of over-accentuating what isn’t so-called wanted as if it is hyper-important. The opposite result is actually what is desired, however, it’s the arrogance of the intellectual Black elite and educators that believe the focus is “Books.” This NYC city slick card game of “3 Card Monte” tricks them into thinking conservatives are hyper-focused on Black people. They’re not!

The point is that white youth (the beneficiaries of prior generations) aren’t traumatized enough to rid themselves of the looted luxuries it carries. Today’s white beneficiaries are not bothered by the content of their own characters; they’re definitely not bothered, as it is juxtapositioned in contrast to the content of their ancestor’s character. A conservative’s job as a conservative is to conserve what “is” as if it were. That’s why politizing “Books” within the media machine with headlines that read “Books on Slavery” “Critical Race Theory, Hurts All People” “Books with Race Subject Matters are Divisive” are key components because it’s not the real actual focus.

A conservative’s goal is to smear the issue in order to remove the curse’s side effects from their youth’s psyche, to keep it from infecting and spreading further from one generation to another. The very trauma they are trying to prevent is the trauma that must continue in order for them to continue a global consensus. Move America’s youth from conclusions that as heirs of these benefits and luxuries in terms of European domination and wealth were actually created, developed, and backed by Black Excellence, i.e, Black Intellectual Property, Labor and Energy.

When white America wants to pivot the conversation, then Black American intellectuals pivot! Don’t keep doing the same thing expecting different results.

Every white youth with European ancestry in America has the sneaky suspicion that their ancestors somewhere down the line did not pull themselves up by their own bootstraps while another race of people’s foot was on their boots.

They know that whiteness or European history is distorted.

As a publisher, and if I’m honest, I would trade in all the free labor, reparations, voting, books, civil rights of all kinds, and my relationship with Black sympathizers called progressives and Dems for NEW authors to revise slavery history. AND WE CAN START WITH PRE-COLONIAL HISTORY CALLED …


Oral traditions cannot be stopped, banned, or erased. Let’s invest in the revisions of history, not the ones we have been given or simply have run their course. To Europeans, THE TRUTH OF ANY KIND will be a hard pill to swallow either way.