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Within America’s court of law, there is only the ideal of justice. In the minds of black people trapped within the westernized concept of human fairness, the four hundred and four year (404) journey with madam justice towards African jurisprudence is just as futile to the likeliness of Jesus coming back for us; at least as in the sense of a chariot in the sky swinging low to scoop us up.

As the year 2022 is just starting to settle in and as events occur in the most bazaar American fashion it makes one want to return their birth certificate.

There are no words that could prevent multiple slaps in the face while suggesting better appropriate questions that should be proposed to America’s so-called jurisprudence. The sentencing of Kimberly Potter once again has made it clear to Black America…It is clear NOW! Black people will never have rights that a white man and a white woman are bound to respect.

The key is “Bound” and they are bound and determined to follow their ancestor’s will and testament.

I guess the frustration for me is that not one BLACK POLITICIAN, ACTIVIST, DEMOCRAT, REPUBLICAN, NOR WHITE SYMPATHIZER can change the binding commitment of the founding father’s last will and testament.

Duante Wright’s life mattered to some, but not to those that “Actually Matters.” Judge Chu sees the world I’m sure as innately good, as I’m sure she felt it was virtuous for her to sympathize with a career woman. But the question here is what triggered tears when a white woman presses the “Panic Button” without thinking what triggered Judge Chu’s tears is my question?

I’m starting to feel, white women know fully well that tears and sympathy extraction turns her into a lobbyist, not a defendant. Doesn’t the system have firewalls against a defendant becoming a lobbyist when they are trained to do a job and fail at that job? While remorse is good, it doesn’t beget you a benefit under or below the punishment minimum. The reward is your humanity, self-respect, and integrity! I know, such bullshit!

What was the bond between judge Chu and officer Potter? What was so heart-wrenching about Potter’s professional melt-down, that it morphed into her victimizing horrible ordeal? Is it because of Duante not surviving her panicked trigger finger? The reason for proposing this question is because if he (Duante) had lived and been a stronger healthier black super-human, this poor Lil-ole white lady cop would have just been suspended (maybe).

The real victim, in this case, is Black America’s collective group esteem. Black America, hear this…Lady Justitia aka Justice is blindfolded! Therefore Black America will never get a date with Lady Columbia aka Manifest Destiny, the Star of the Empire.

I am suggesting there is another way to exist in America if Black people can understand the above statement.

Here’s the point:

What is the difference between Duante’s mother’s (who is white) sorrow and tears versus Kimberly Potter’s, what makes them different? Well, I guess here’s the opportunity to ask a better question.

White privilege though it’s a strange phenomenon, for the sake of the editorial, however, white women have the advantage of playing “The Crying Game”, “The Trying Game”, “I Didn’t Mean It Game” all in the “Opps Game. The 24-month sentence (time served and on good behavior and being a cop) she will do 18 months at best for her “Opps My Bad, I’m Having a Bad Day!

Judge Regina Chu bred in the mean streets of Detroit, most likely of immigrant Asian parents, no real facts here, but one thing is clear, Black people have NEVER aka (NEVA) seen a non-Black judge, cry over a Black person as a defendant/victim and certainly not as a perpetrator. Stranger things have happened…I guess.

Somebody, please tell ALL Judges before trials, in the word’s of Tom Hank’s famous line in ” A League of Their Own”


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