A Justice Anita Hill will be a real Apology!

Here’s the script:

White Men say: “YOU Must Be Qualified”

What does that mean? When all jurists go to law school and once they do, they’re all given a license to practice.

Where ever that takes them, multiple paths to sharpen and form their qualifications, those paths are basically similar. Serving on courts and becoming promoted to higher courts or in some other form of law.

The title of this article explains the method in which Black women are treated when presented with a fork in the road towards upwardly mobilization.

Black America has its own internal social form of cancer it’s called “Jane Crow.” This term was coined by the great Pauli Murray, one of America’s greatest social equalizers of the 20th century.

Wouldn’t it be total serendipity to have a mental picture within the Black American mind in which that of Jurist, Attorney, Dr. Professor Anita Hill to sit 5 seats over from Justice Thomas on the supreme court?

Talk about poetic justice!

Jane Crow is alive and well in the minds of white men, both liberals, and conservatives, progressives, centrists, and moderates.

Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg was a personal friend and colleague of Pauli Murray who was the backbone and thought leader behind women, and black women’s equality under the law from the 1940s to the 1970s. This is important because, while Black women have always been the law’s greatest libertarians and example of American idealogy, Jane Crow or in modern terms “Welfare Queen” seems to be in the secular sense an image Black women can’t seem to shake.

Republicans, are touting the candidate should be of the Thurgood Marshall elk or at least a continuation of his legacy. Those black people who are not critically informed on Justice Marshall’s background or relationship with Black people, don’t understand what Republicans mean when they place Thurgood Marshall as a metric in which to become nominated.

Though the subject of Justice Marshall is not the central point, make no mistake as to the relevance of his name; this is a codified cameo mention as it dovetails a Black woman sitting on of the highest court in the land.

Think of it like this…

If a Black woman can fly white men to the moon and mathematically guide white men back to earth alive, then what would be the mental psychosis of a Black woman orbiting One 1st Street, NE Washinton, DC?

“This is an apology”

JANE CROW is the silent suppressant of souls! Black men thought, (just like white men felt about white women before them,) that Black women should have been satisfied with just the collective equality advances. The arrogance of the Women’s Lib movement is still an irritant in Black American circles.

A Justice Anita Hill would make Black American men squirm too. In our November edition, we presented the question of “When Race Trumps Gender.” Black men must take a look at their system of “Jane Crow.” Black America is filled with covert Jane Crow incubations of clipped-winged lame-duck Black women; this is especially and painfully obvious in the public sector such as non-profits, activism, and religious hierarchies.

I can say, I’m not looking forward to a Black woman on the supreme court, just knowing what she has to go through in order to be confirmed. Let’s be real Black America, while having a seat at the table, and as in the words of Dr. LaWana Richmond “we’re still on the menu” must be a mindset that should be re-constructed psychologically. The Time is NOW!

Everyone, especially Black men who can at the very least be critically inclined to approach this conversation of JANE CROW, will begin to truly understand the nature of freedom.

A Justice Anita Hill would mean healing for millions of Black women (past and present) who have tried to protect Black America from sycophants whose internal self-hatred become the dowries offered to the groom’s family; payments for making the history books; this continues to pay dividends to a system whose boat can never be rocked.

The PRICE to be the “The first to do this”, or “The first African American to do that” has come at a price tag that begins to feel like payback, not an accomplishment. The thought of a historic position appointment that is not connected to any other Black person such as Thurgood Marshall is the real issue. The candidate will be replacing a “WHITE MAN.” That’s the historical marker, not her mere presence alone, but it seems the appointment it’s unlinked to any favor as far as I can tell.

So, will the “She” be a Thurgood Marshall or a Pauli Murray legatee?

Conservative Whites, Men, and Conservative Black men will be the thorn cushion the candidate will sit on while she goes through hours of this excruciating job interview. The clock will strike 403 years on the shoulders of Black women and as heavy as it has been… A Gavel, well to be really honest a gavel in a black woman’s hand who can rule from her divine feminine consciousness and her prowess of the law, I wish us and her well.

In the days to come, I hope we as a collective can approach our citizenship as Confirmative, not Affirmative, and allow America to eat its own crow!