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In the AFROVERSE, Professor KING X tells us WE ARE THE DREAM

Being the dreamer is just half the journey. Martin Luther King Jr. as we knew him on earth was the one who expressed the DREAM. But did we understand the message of the DREAM and the DREAMER? The DREAM he spoke of was not about politics or the social contract between mortals.

In an AFROVERSE what would Martin say to us, Let’s go inside the AFROVERSE:

Within the AFROVERSE; the state of your consciousness is the creator of the dream. You are the DREAM that is dreaming your reality. When you become the DREAM you become the Contents and the Character. When you become the DREAM there is nothing to judge; for you are the DREAM.

I am the Mountaintop within your consciousness, I AM the DREAM and the DREAMER. Celebrate me as I AM now, I AM you and you are me, WE are the DREAM, You are the DREAM.

Your technology is such that nothing and everything is only real according to your consciousness. It has always been this way. The DREAM I spoke about, was a DREAM of our consciousness, the everlasting cosmic principle of interstellar intelligence, I Martin Luther King jr. the consciousness, the beloved one, with you always in your heart and soul.

I am in the AFROVERSE waiting for you to sit and ask for the wisdom and knowledge, to guide you to the mountain, the triangle within your consciousness, inside the DREAM, come and BE the DREAM.

SDMNEWS Celebrates MLK DAY January 17th, 2022

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