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In the light of COVID-19, it is hard to differentiate reality from illusion. Some days I’m not sure what the news and people are talking about, to be honest. I mean, the news seems to be like eavesdropping in on people’s private conversation on a hot mic that just so happens to be caught on a live cam.

Today fake news isn’t fake until somebody shouts “Fake News!” Fake is one of those words that means nothing in terms of America. America is the fakeness within its own plot in the light of its own history, and here is the point and question; So, when something happens is it our unadulterated Perception during the experience that makes it true, or is it the lens and earphones in which we are perceiving what’s happening the Truth of What’s Happening?

“Your Life or the Death of others depend on our perception these days! The color buy-in is to expensive, the trade of our Freedom is too precious to leave it up to our preceptions. ”

So speaking of perception and the fact that how our own perceptions are so hazardous to our own good is an understatement. I can imagine how many times Travis McMichael has played that day over in his head of how if he had it to do all over again, he would have allowed his father to act alone on his own perception. No matter how much he (Travis) disagreed or even disliked Mr. Arbury jogging in his so-called “Hood”, how he (Travis) would have allowed himself to become neutral and not be sucked into his father’s perception of what his father’s perception was telling himself.

I have to ask, has this sick perception of Black people rendered a position white people wished they had not been involved in, in the first place? Do you think they ask themselves “What the hell was I thinking? As a Black woman, that within the same sick American drama, that has to spend her time figuring out if her hair is “Neat & Professional” every day just to feed her family, is in no way sympathetic, but one does have to be compassionate to the fact that every day our perceptions and thoughts are just plain hazardous to our well-being, and everyone else’s life.

Life for a LIFE, the judge says, life without the chance of parole. The very freedom they perceived as being threatened, is now not their own. When we run on our perceptions, who is the real thief? Your perception of what is happening can be an imprisoned life without parole sentence? You see, they robbed themselves of freedom the moment they took it away from someone else. White Americans, also just don’t get it!

Forrest Gump says ” Stupid is as Stupid Does.” So we saw the McMichaels and Mr. Bryan distraught, angry, sad with growing misery as their fate became a prison cell for LIFE.

The American way allows many of us to have perceptions of people that could very well land us in our very own hell cell. But just because America bred and still breeds these perceptions, what and where does the real hellish byproduct dwell? It’s not supposed to be like this, The BabyBoomer gets the Millenial in trouble? That’s your brain on colonialism Travis!

Right now as I write, American whites who somewhere remember just a few decades ago, where a white woman could not be a powerful prosecutor nor would a Black man have the nerve not to be intimidated by white men yelling at him and demanding that he stop and not do what he’s told is hard to let go of.

That buy-in is way too expensive, I’m sure The Arbury family, the McMichaels, and the Bryans could teach a great American history course on human decency.

What in my opinion, is the most hazardous virus today, is white people coming to terms with what a BROWN AMERICA may mean, and while they are having trouble with the concept, we as the “others” may have to do to protect ourselves, until “THEY GET IT.” By any means necessary, would apply here! We really need to have a race conversation in terms of “What has racism done to the brains of white people? Questions like, “What happens in the brains of white people when they see darker people?”

Brace yourself, Mexicans, Latinos, Indians, Asians, and Muslims its gonna get even crazier. If both McMichaels and Mr. Bryan actually felt free and actually believed they lived in the land of the free, they themselves would NOW be free. If they were actually brave as Black folks have been, they would be in their perspective living rooms enjoying their families.

But they’re not!

FREEDOM is as the Free Does! BRAVERY is as the Brave Does! I am constantly reminded by something the great Jane Elliot says, “White folks are free and Black people are brave!” But let’s take that further, Freedom is a courtesy one gives another, but not as in a transaction, but as in a great assumption, that whatever I want for myself and I am willing to allow it for another.

Having another concept, well let white America tell it best, What you take away from someone else, you take away from yourself.

The McMichaels and Mr. Bryan’s mistake happened so long ago, victims of their kind of perception that breeds “Crime has a Color” comes out in the rinse; dirty every single time. While that sentiment has a kind of quiet convenience, they’ll have plenty of time to think, believe, learn otherwise.

They’ve become a case number, a criminal, a nobody! An orange suit, if they had just followed what every third grader knows; be kind to everyone, America might just be great again!

Satilla Shores and Brunswick, GA has learned 3 Good Lesson:

1. Lock your car doors.

2. Mind your own business.

3. At the end of the day, if you can’t mind your own business, tell the cops AND LET THEM DO THEIR JOB!

Gotta love those third graders!

~ Publisher

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