Shaneland in Da Hood

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It snowed on Christmas day in San Diego, the laughter rang while the ultimate snow fights began!

The smell of turkey bacon and eggs filled the room, with a warm touch of a 70 inch LED screen fireplace to bring in the homey feel, Shane Harris recalls the days when he could only dream of this. A dream fulfilled with smiling faces and the backdrop of Ho, Ho, Ho’s from this year’s honorary Santa Dr. William “Tayari” Howard and Dr. Lawana Richmond as Mrs. Claus put the red nose on rain deer so to speak. Families had no idea what they were in for.

As hot plates floated to every guest as they were seated, the sounds of Christmas via a DJ spinning season jams like the classic Temptation’s Silent Night, it was clear Mr. Harris was not joking when he said, “I ‘ve imagined this for many years, and I promised myself if I ever got a platform to where I could change someone’s Christmas, I would.”

Shane Harris did just that, and the memories of what he didn’t want, now being replaced with positive ones he looks forward to making. In other words, he isn’t looking back anymore. “I am learning that all things are possible.”

But how did he pull it off? Harris started off with the snow, as “I love my hometown’s mascot “the Sunshine” but in order to bring in the spirit, you gotta have snow, he said.” 14 tons of snow was brought in, and when you walked into his living room scene, you were welcomed with a burning fireplace, and open arms filled with gifts.

This was a moment where San Diego partners could come together, like the Himmel Foundation. This may be called the Shane Harris Community Christmas Breakfast and Gift Giveaway, but make no mistake, this is a San Diego standard and tradition. “This is Us, Shane says.”

This year’s honorees: Dr. William “Tayari” Howard and Dr. LaWana Richmond and Abdur Rahim Hameed proprietor and founder of the BCA Black Contractors Association.

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