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Guilt should never be rejoiced!

Justice may have been served, but I’d rather not be hungry!

Black lives won’t matter until Black Life Matters, and that means one dead three in prison!

Guilty means something happened. It also means something went wrong. It also means someone got away with something, only to be caught later. Guilty means you have remorse after the fact, due to whatever reason.

Racism has fooled White citizens into believing that in their day-to-day living amongst themselves, that which makes them uncomfortable, their irritation should be someone else’s burden and while it should be passed onto those who have made them uncomfortable.

Racism has trapped White males into believing that the “Again” in the MAGA slogan means a period of time in which they had the right to live in peace by way of terrorizing others; a peace that both McMichael’s and Mr. Bryan have now come to know those days have dawned. They looked somewhat betrayed.

White America is going through a nervous breakdown. The psychological health of middle to low working-class white males is at an all-time low. The level of ability to cognitively think in moments of intensity when a darker-skinned person is within their midst simply scary.

I think it’s time for the White Elites to have a conversation with the rest of their middle/poor white tribe.

They need to tell them the jig is up! Tell them they must adjust and “It was Business not Racial.” Tell them it has all been a trick. It was always about Capitalism (the keeping of the stuff we stole) not the Ethnicity of those we stole from. Race or racism was just a word the name of what philosophers gave it, but to us (the Elite) it was then, it is NOW, and we hope it will always be “Capitalism.”

Please tell White Karens and Gregs that a community with a few car break-ins does not warrant a panic button task force to be deployed when you see a Black person. A crime-ridden community, especially when the doors they left unlocked, and the only ones that knew they were, was, yep Themselves.”

It is clear the Elite has set up their brethren for a total melt-down, that the Browning of America will eventually cause a glitch in the WHITE MALE psychological programming. He’s afraid, even though he’s the only one with a weapon. He’s now always afraid. Maybe he’s always been afraid down within his subconsciousness.

Greg McMichael’s behavior should be analyzed, Travis McMichael’s should be closely examined in reference to what treat do a White Male might feel, thus do when his perception of entitlement is rapidly melting away. As he goes into fear, then anger, Anger goes back to fear, THEN HE KILLS.


It’s time for Karen’s and Greg’s to be pulled the side by their elite white and European kin and tell them that ” “While your crazy was good for business, umm…we allowed you to act crazy for about four centuries, but the demographics don’t support this type of behavior anymore and you have got to get your shit together or you’re going to jail.”   

I believe the Black Church; Black social organizations need to call for a psychological examination of what racism has and continues to do to white people. It’s getting more ridiculous when white people act as if they are a part of a culture that has been the victim of ANYthing systemic; but their own internal guilt. I feel the White elites need to tell their racial skin tone, brethren and sisters, that Racism was only a tool, and vital to White America’s economic plan of power and wealth. Racism is Fatal to Black America, Poor Whites the same, with the exception of the whiteness illusion. Racism empowers Capitalism, but Racism opposes, disadvantages and will never be compatible with Democracy.

So please White Elite, Tell them so they will stop ruining their lives and risking Black folks lives in the process.


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