The Power of Prosecution

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There’s something different in the air we must admit. The power of prayer must be the Power of Truth.

As always, the Black machine is the same ole playbook of Black activists, yes Al Sharpton and company trying to take center stage and shine the light on prayer. Black America is in a spiritual transformation whether we like it or not.

It has never been about the power of prayer, why? For one, our intentions are not aligned with our expectations. Two, we have not demanded with our majorities and voting power, that our prosecutors take to task white male criminals in the courtroom and treat them like criminals while in the courtroom; within reason to the presumption of innocence, this of course is with the help of video.

In Ahmaud Arbery’s case, he was truly the victim and the prosecutor made sure the world saw him like one. The though Prosecutor finally did her job, like she was on a mission to show the world, that in a free country like ours, this kind of murderous behavior will not be tolerated.

So take a real look at which power was really at play in that courtroom. Was Jesus there? or whether you need to say God was in that courtroom, I say the Prosecution was there, Justice was there, Skilled people were there, and when you have people doing their job, God can sit back, cuz Lori said: “I got this.”

So in my guestimation, I’ll take 100 Lori’s for Christmas… and That’s all I need God to do! And let’s retire the old playbook, “Sharpton sit down”!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AND THAT is my New Years’s resolution!

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