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Do you remember the infamous Beer Summit, the one that Henry Louis Gates got when his feelings were hurt when reminded he was a black man in White America?

The entire incident was deemed a “Teachable Moment” by then and former president Barack Obama. He invited the VP Joseph Biden, Gates, and officer Crowley to a “Beer Summit” to talk about race relations and to clear the air. No real harm was done but of course, except an irritating “Teachable Moment” and Gates bruised ego.

So our Black male president appeased his Harvard homie (Gates) by fostering a real conversation, goodwill, and a cherry on top aka “Beer Summit. This of course was a statement of Obama’s loyalty to his race AND gender.

President Barack Obama addresses the Gates Incident
From Left to Right: Biden, Gates, Officer Crowley, and former President Obama.

WHEN RACE TRUMPS GENDER and for the sake of the SEX scandal and drama of Black San Diego, the question I have for my Black sistahs: DO YOU REMEMBER SHIRLEY?

Shirley Sherrod is a Black woman that ONCE AGAIN had her gender on the chopping block, in trade for her RACE; let me explain.

So Black people, you already know how it works for white women who stand up for WHAT is RIGHT when a WRONG points to a “White” man or a “Black” man. Does the question then become which side are you going to be pushed toward when it’s your turn? Yep…You’ll choose Your RACE!

For those who don’t remember Shirley, she was minding her own business, doing her job, when Mr. white guy Andrew James Breitbart from the (tea party) viewed the NAACP as a problem to their agenda, so he created a false edited version of Shirley’s lecture at an event; speaking to those she was assigned to help.

Shirley Sherrod, Andrew Breitbart's widow reach settlement -
Shirley Sherrod

Here’s the good part, Benjamin Jealous, gets the tape, views it, and along with the WHITE HOUSE; including Barack Obama and other News outlets, defamed Shirley while all talking heads called for her resignation. Let me add that the speech was at an NAACP event, so her statements could have easily been confirmed.

SHE WAS FORCED OUT, HUMILIATED, and Ultimately she was FIRED, for being a RACIST!

If you want to revisit the story for your own awareness, please do so, however, let’s move on to the point.

Come to find out, she was innocent. Mr. White guy had lied and edited the film to point the finger as if Shirley Sherrod was a sick mad Black woman out to get white people thus was stamped with the scarlet letters B.I.G.O.T in RED on a PINK slip! (You’re Fired)

What does it mean “To Kill a Mockingbird?” “The Mockingbird only sings, they sing their hearts out for us. That’s why it’s a sin to kill mockingbirds.” A direct quote from the book titled beforementioned, I think this concept correlates with the many aspects of “When Race Trumps Gender.” The mockingbird is symbolic of innocence.


The WHITE HOUSE, FOXNEWS.COM, CNN, CBS, and the National NAACP had to Apologize. The NAACP gave a lame excuse of being tricked by Mr. white guy, Jealous apologized by saying “Hey, let’s meet the next time I’m in Georgia. Barack Obama did call her, but nothing more than a soft sad “I’m sorry.”

Though the WHITE HOUSE offered Sherrod another job, she declined, so… WHERE’S the BEER SUMMIT?

Wasn’t this a Teachable Moment? Wasn’t her ego bruised? Wasn’t her position in the Federal Government more prestigious and vital than some Harvard Homie Professor?

Officer Crowley who arrested Gates was doing his job as a cop, but Breitbart (Mr. white guy) was intentionally evil and defamed Shirley which eventually ended Sherrod’s career.

So to my sistahs, YES, THIS TOO WAS A TEACHABLE MOMENT but yet, it wasn’t. Shirley did not have the luxury of the “Bro’s before Hoes” membership, nor as the President said (in the above video) at that time, he did not have a personal relationship with Ms. Sherrod, so he wasn’t biased. Black Male America, shows Black women time and time again that “Benjamins” in a Black woman’s Purse holds no value, and is not compatible nor comparable to the value of a Black man’s Wallet. His job, his achievements, his tenure, his successes, his genius, his potentiality, his feelings will warrant a “Beer Summit” at the WHITE HOUSE, thus the “Benjamins” in his wallet; the value of his job is more important than that of a Black woman’s value.

Axelrod tries to explain this away!

Clearly, Bill Cosby, R Kelly, and even Mike Tyson, while organizations like Paving Great Futures, and the Urban League have had and still may have problems with the opposite sex. The above story is for context; so the question, becomes, if boys are going to be boys, I ask when are Black women going to be “Big Mama’s”? When are they going to step up and put these men in their place; because it’s clear they have defined a Black woman’s place?

Back to our community; If black women in this town refuse to clean their own dirty laundry like Paving Great Futures and other organizations, then the status quote will drive us off the cliff. Bully sub-cultures and attitudes that violate our women and children; they’ll continue to suffer.

By no means Black San Diego just because there’s such a thing as a silent killer doesn’t mean the dead go silently and or the killer doesn’t make noise. If Black women do not take this opportunity to starch a stiffer path of consequences, well, as Benjamin Franklin said (we paraphrase) Black women will get the community they deserve.

In 2020, civil rights activist and founder of the People’s Association of Justice Advocates, Rev. Shane Harris wanted to apologize to Black women and asked SDMNEWS publisher Cheryl Morrow would she join him in doing so. The publisher asked Harris why he wanted to apologize, she said he sincerely stated “If I say I love Black women, I need to show it, not just in my hour of glory, but in my hour of shame.”

SDMNEWS Publisher Cheryl Morrow with Rev. Shane Harris

Black San Diego, imagine, what Black men and women would be saying if Mr. Harris was accused of sexual harassment. Morrow remembers the phone calls she received when Harris was in disagreement with the city’s Black female activist community. She went on to say “All of them (black female activist) called me to let me know they were going after him and was going to confront Harris. They were going to call the National Headquarters of the National Action Network (his employer at the time) some of them even showed up at the Black Contractors Association to call him out.”

Black women’s word against a Black man’s inside Black America, has no real intrinsic value.”

Morrow goes on to say, Black Women’s Lives not only Don’t Matter in the hierarchy of Black America, but Black men’s approach for Due Process and Due Diligence for his sisters are lame at best. This “So What” attitude disavows Black women from the notion of having any “Sweet Lilly White Innocence” like that of her white female counterpart. Her virtue has never gotten Black men off the couch, out of the mancave, off his hustle and grind into the mean streets in protest for her virtue. IT’S JUST THAT SIMPLE… Until it’s YOUR daughter’s life, then it MATTERS!

Within White America, there are two Black Americas, one for Black men and one for Black women. A Black man’s America is one that supports the kind and gentle soft place to land when he missteps. Then within the preacher cave, an enlistment of troops are deployed to “pick him up” they collude to dust him off which renders a vicious blow to Black women’s collective feminine ego. The other Black America is that for Black women. One that fantasizes, and romanticizes a “Remember when we were in Africa” theme that lulls Black women to sleep when read as a sort of bedtime story at night and perpetuated in the morning glory as a proclamation on Sunday with the most manipulative homiletics.

The feminist movement within a Black man’s America is met with visceral and biblical rejection. Black men are as uncomfortable with Feminism just as much or even more than white males, but there’s just one problem though, Black men DO possess the capacity to wake up but they won’t.

Anti-feminism is not compatible with the real world of Black men. The very system that allows himself to be shielded within his convenient dreamscape of a white life imitation eventually will show itself to be counterfeit. Anti-feminism only kicks the can of his soul and real spirituality down the road and he knows it.

Black men who get accused of sexual perverted shenanigans, get excused under a Gospel Sanctimony, though they will have a tendency for high recidivism. Morrow goes on to say, “As long as we believe the Jezebel can’t transform herself into a wife but the PIMP can be reformed into a community leader, well, I guess we’ll always live in a Black man’s Black America which is just the minstrel false lame duck version of White America in black face.

Black Feminism is not Penis Envy ladies and gentlemen!

Feminism serves as a balanced cultural marker, a divine principle that merges our lives with our anthropological, ancestral, and cosmic nature.

Morrow has a particular viewpoint on feminism, she states “It will be interesting if we heard pastor chicken wing announce to the congregation “Turn to your neighbor and show them your Navel, your umbilical cord” and then go into 45-minutes of rubbish called a sermon about Anti-feminism, she laughs.” But the point Ms. Morrow goes on to make is that the two Black America’s don’t and will never be symbiotic without a feministic baptism.

The theme “To Kill A Mocking Bird” is at play in Black San Diego. “A healthy community does not tolerate wartime zone-like environments for women and children, I don’t care who you are or who you’re related to, we have got to have a standard and boundaries we won’t cross, we don’t kill the messenger, the whistleblower, we censure its subjects, says Morrow.”

Now for those who want to play Devil’s Advocate, You may, but think about this, if Mr. Cosby could create a Mr. Huxtable then he knew better. We know what Mr. Huxtable would have done to a man who violated Sondra, Denise, Theo, Vanessa, and Rudy, and we also know what Clare would have demanded Cliff Huxtable do.

R. Kelly is a student of music and if he wrote “I believe I can fly, then he knows of Nat King Cole’s version “Straighten up and Fly Right.”

So if you have not read “To Kill A Mockingbird” or have not seen the movie, to bring you closer to the case and point: whether it’s the innocence of human essence or being innocent of a crime one has not committed, people don’t ask to be violated and if they allow themselves to be it was their warp self-permission, and that’s another imbalance and subject altogether.

So, for the sake of healing, and since everyone is a scientologist; believing quote on quote “the science” these days, my sisters need to stand up and call for a vaccine for this virus, the campaign should read “OUR GIRLS AND BOYS ARE #UNF#$%WITHABLE”!

And we close with our favorite quote from our publisher:

“Living Unapologetically Black y’all, don’t mean you don’t apologize to Black people.”

~ Cheryl Morrow

Shirley Sherrod settled out of court with Andrew Breitbart’s widow for an undisclosed amount!


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