This of course is SATIRE, so buckle up…

What is worst, being numb and blind to historical facts or being confused, disoriented by community social sickness?

Either way, there’s a new character in our midst called “TASHA”. Well, the character “TASHA” has conveniently always been in our midst, let Black men tell it.

In a recent Instagram video post by a known character named “Bowser”sadly announced that we have a Public Enemy named “TASHA” in our community. Through typical ecclesiastical fashion, “BOWSER” uses language that encourages unity via pointing out “There’s a boogeywoman named “TASHA” on the warpath.”

“BOWSER” goes on to warn the community that our community needs to repel this type of TASHA behavior, for they are a public nuisance and have a propensity to lie, cheat, steal, destroy, divide, and conquer.

The character “BOWSER” goes on to insinuate this is a serious problem and goes on to suggest that OUR focus should be on BIGGER ISSUES like GANGS, all types of CRIME aka “BLACK on BLACK” crime as if to say the character “TASHA” isn’t.

This editorial is to shed light on dirty laundry and how it usually gets washed. The character “BOWSER” is also a historical archetype in Black America. He’s the guy that vilifies Black women for breaking “Culture Code” because we know the sins of black men need to be hidden at the expense of Black women’s validation. There’s just NO better way to show her loyalty to her race than by hushing, ignoring, and covering up socially unacceptable behavior that may somehow make Black men appear to act like their white male counterparts.

WELL, that’s the oldest trick in the book. What book you may ask? It’s the black community’s handbook that teaches silence in order to protect Black men who do SOME GOOD or lead organizations that are perceived to do SOME GOOD “AS TOO GOOD TO FAIL” and since we are such a downtrodden people, just overlook violations that Black males commit. The handbook states clearly that Black women are anti-Black when they blow the whistle; aka Anita Hill.

Now, here’s the first point of the editorial: When people use the term Defamation of “CHARACTER” it means in the Black community’s handbook the opposite of its legalese. It does mean, when you use court of public opinion statements like “Why didn’t they mention that when it happen” or “Why didn’t she come out two years ago?” So, the question is, BOWSER If someone stole money, “Why didn’t you complain two years ago?”

In other words, Black male privilege affords Black men to go unreprimanded because the argument becomes about overlooking his current behavior in lieu of repercussions, due to his future value and or potentiality to “DO GOOD” is seen as an asset to the community. Black men enjoy a higher valuation status for basic or mediocre deeds in place of the “CONTENT” of his character. His potentiality in other words carries a higher valuation than Black women’s dignity, which is never deemed as an important and separate issue.

A “TASHA” should never simultaneously enjoy being seen as Hero, Community Leader, Humanist, Good-Natured or Righteous while ACTIVISING. The “Character “TASHA” does not enjoy having her Christian or Muslim values at her disposal when exposing a Black man’s human frailties. All “TASHA’S” of the world MUST learn to fraternize with a blind eye at Black male’s missteps, vices, and woes.

All “TASHA’s” must only ban together in the silence of their pain, just “Suffer”. We the Black people of America are known as the “SOUL of AMERICA”. The question is What does that make of Black women to “BLACK AMERICA”? The SOLE of Black America perhaps? The character “BOWSER” in this satire gives “TASHA” a spook that sat by the door stroke in his IG rant video.

When are we going to call a spade a spade? No matter what any good intention is meant by PAVING GREAT FUTURES, intentions are always PAVED on a road to hell. Any Good Future should NEVER be hindered by NO mentor nor teacher of any sort at any time.

The Character “BOWSER in his Instagram video, starts out by saying he is just a BLACK MAN speaking his peace, not on the behalf of his church, nor any organization, but then goes on to mention PAVING GREAT FUTURES (with about 3-4 hallelujahs) and ends his rant with a GOOD OLE CHRISTIAN PRAYER!

This of course is what any good Bishop would do, and he should be concerned, however whether the facts of the case he was referring to comes to a resolution or not or whether the victims get justice, we should not plea on the backs on alleged victims nor try to save the faces of alleged predators.

The second point:

Can we just get a long is always too little too late. It implies that the wrong doing is not the problem but the “Reaction” to the problem is. The question is can we make BLACK AMERICA GREAT AGAIN? To Black men, this would mean Black men having the privilege to assume (BAGA) was a time when (pre-colonialism) it was all good between Black men and Black women, but to Black women, it would most likely and simply mean “Do unto me as you would have me do unto you.”

BTW: The sayings “MAN UP” or “WOMAN UP” are not something one simply does when you’re down, it’s the courage someone displays to raise someone up when you’ve stepped on them.

Come on BLK SD, relax…