Promo Guru Marquis Tipton Speaks to SDMNEWS

Who puts the “Pro” in promotion?

Whosoever is willing to learn, apply and make magic; that be Marquis Tipton. Good luck trying to catch up with the marketing maven, you’ll work hard to get an appointment with him, but not as hard as he will promote your brand. In San Diego, it’s tough finding this kind of dedication. Your brand in his hands, quickly becomes operation come up!

SDMNWS: At what age did the desire & importance of creative & economic ownership take hold within you?

TM: I remember it like it was yesterday, it was March 13th, 2015, I just turned 23 (aka my Jordan Year) 2 months prior, so in March one of the most impactful and influential interviews of ALL TIME happened. The Dame Dash Breakfast Club interviewed dropped, 5.8 million views and still counting, I had already been studying Dame but for some reason, this interview hit differently. For multiple reasons but I think the main reason being that even though Dame had accomplished so much you could one see his love and passion for his people and two the chip on his shoulder as if he still had something to prove …not to The Breakfast Club but to Himself.

SDMNEWS:  What moment during your youth, do you believe truly led you down the path that you’re now on?

MT: I think many moments & people led me to this exact path I’m on, but one of the moments that sticks out to me the most is when I was a young me, my uncle (my Dad’s little brother), and my cousin use to make up Choreographed dances to NSYNC & The Backstreet Boyz, on our own no lessons and performed them for my parents and auntie all the time. I still look back at that moment as me being a young creative not even knowing it yet.

SDMNEWS. In your opinion, with your skillsets & talents why do you believe you’ve taken root here within San Diego, to pursue financial success?

MT: I’ve taken root here for a few reasons, one because I understand that I’m talented enough to where no matter where I’m at I will find my place and success wherever I go, two I know that people from all around the world in all industries migrate here at some point to do business. So I understand the value we have here, even though I’m born and raised here I don’t take it for granted like most San Diegan’s do, and I want to give back to the community most people will never see when they travel here.

SDMNEWS: Impact Investing, is the new wave within the world of entrepreneurship. How can you see yourself impacting particular communities with future wealth; you & your business partners are accruing today?

MT: I see my impact and influence already in the communities of San Diego that need it the most. I have been someone who has been involved in multiple marches for black rights here in San Diego, one of them we had the SDPD block 5th Ave for us to walk down and protest which is the busiest street in downtown San Diego. Working with non-profits that serve the underrepresented student population and creating tech platforms for them to use in the classrooms all across San Diego County to LA County, is rewarding, from handling College students that are formerly incarcerated and helping them make an easy transition into college. This is before I obtain the wealth me and my partners an accruing today, just imagine what ill be able to do when the funding is there to make real change.

SDMNEWS: How can Afropreneurs such as ourselves, with strong interests in personal investing do so in a manner today that won’t have ourselves breaking the bank?

MT: Two ways to best invest as a young Afroprenuers is to go on Google & YouTube and study as much as you can for free, time is really your best investment, also when you study the game before you play it helps you maneuver better within the industry, you want to be in and can give you motivation and inspiration. Two if you do have some money invest, invest it into YOURSELF, most people are trying to make a quick buck, but if you invest in yourself and start your own business in the long run you will be better off.

SDMNEWS: Several companies within the NYSE, found their initial seed capital through the enslavement & indentured servitude of ethnic people within this country. Knowing this now, do you have any disdain to invest within the stock market in the future?

MT: I have already stopped investing in stocks as much as I was because of that reason exactly. That is why in the last question I made sure to make it a point to invest in YOURSELF whether that’s time or money rather than invest in companies who really do not give two Sh*** about you.