San Diego Guardian’s power-forward Iso Kane, visits Rady’s patient Anthony Nunez and his brother Joseph Nunez upon Anthony’s return home. After 11 surgeries in 13 years, Anthony was ready for some hoop downtime. Anthony’s love for basketball was energized with a wonderful hoop visit by Iso Kane who wanted to show off his moves but more than that he loves his newfound community. Originally from Senegal, West Africa, Iso wanted to show San Diego another side of basketball; his love for tight-knit community outreach. On a break before starting the season, Iso took advantage of his time off by expressing to his coaches and friends he wanted to be of service. Stopping by the Nunez brother’s home was exactly how Iso wanted to spend his time off. The San Diego Guardians is an exciting basketball team that is committed to great basketball and showing San Diego not only does it have more than a basketball team, they have a team whose teammates care about its fans.


The San Diego Guardians

The San Diego Guardians announce they have joined The Basketball League (TBL). The organization is the 6th new expansion market for the upcoming season and the league’s 18th team. “Based on their commitment to community and quality entertainment, we are completely confident the Guardians will be a great addition to our community asset model,” stated TBL CEO Eveyln Magley. The Guardians’ management chose to part ways with the American Basketball Association (ABA) on July 16th, 2020. While there were many factors that contributed to the decision, “The advancement of our players had always been a priority,” states founder, Kenneth Bishop. “We felt we have an obligation to our community to provide professional basketball, as well as role models.” With

those core values in mind and an opportunity we could not refuse, we decided to move on. “The Guardians hosted a total of 5 combines that began on August 29th, 2020 in San Diego, CA. The organization also hosted another combine in San Diego, in addition to Las Vegas, NV, and Los Angeles, CA. The conclusion of the combined tour was December 12, 2020, in LA. Their inaugural season will start in March 2021.