Cannabis Prophet Nicole Miller Cooks Up Wellness!

SDMNEWS has always been a friend of Cannabis/Hemp connoisseurs, but the woman that is known as Mama Kush brings a sense of home cooking and baking to cannabis and you to cannabis and into your kitchen. Nicole spoke to SDMNEWS and explains the Weegan lifestyle.

SDMN: Why should we look at Cannabis as a plant and not a High?

NM: The plant is so special and vital for health. It has all the receptor components to bring all conditions and illnesses to balance. You really can’t have optimal health without balance and cannabis is the perfect vegan slash weegan option.

SDMN: Why did you become a Cannabis Activist?

NM: I wanted to be a cannabis activist because the plant speaks for itself, the plant has had so many negative stigmas attached to it. Because it has been so misunderstood for reasons we know, but we only talk about the psychoactive as if that’s a bad thing. With all the mental health issues people are having, you would think we would approach the plant for answers in this regard. We act as if the plant is completely poisonous and harmful. I hate when people speak about this wonderful plant incorrectly and misguided.  

SDMN: Why are people still afraid of Cannabis healing?

NM: I think the medical world makes us afraid of healing period. It’s like we are only to depend on them (doctors) to just make our symptoms better. Who doesn’t want to be healed? Our health is our most prized possession. Healing is the new health care in my opinion.

SDMN: You infuse Cannabis into diet and culinary meals how has it improved your health?

NM: Easily! This is my favorite part of the plant. This is literally the gift of our planet, there are so many ways you can extract the nutrients from the cannabis plant. The easiest way I tell my clients is to make seasoning or garnishings. We know about the dessert category like gummies and candy, but I’m all about the full integration process. Be it breakfast, lunch, or dinner, it limitless. My trademark dinner is holiday dinners like the infused Turkey dinner. Awe, I love the cannabis turkey. I teach in my Plant2people classes how to take full advantage of the planet.

SDMN: Is veganism a great way to be introduced to weeganism?

NM: It’s a term that is not well known but, this lifestyle is, I like the Weegan term because it gives us a refined way to interact with this plant in a positive way. Weeganism is a world of 360-degree cannabis.  From clothing, food to stationary, I look forward to Hemp/Cannabis Era I want it to be the go-to lifestyle.

SDMN: What food would you first recommend a novice start with?

NM: Desserts! Because we associate desserts with fun and feel good. It allows you to feel good as a metric. Contact me, I’ll teach you, is SOOO fun and Healthy too! There’s a course for all ages and conditions @ 619.772.0359