B. Slade don’s our first Animated Cover

B.Slade’s “CHANGE” is filled with the purest form of use of musical genius, in my opinion, we haven’t had this kind of rant slash advice since Marvin Gaye’s What’s Goin On”. In this piece B.Slade takes on a journey of how one at his wit’s end takes his musical genius and crushes his mic with his range and rage.

We have had a number of artists to come out and try to place salve on the wound that 2020’s pandemic has inflicted on us. B.Slade has chosen a different route. The explosive delivery takes us on a tour inside the mind of a man driven to persevere but at the same time reminisces of what has changed for the worst. So, the question becomes do we really know what change we want?

Change comes in many forms, B.Slade has asked a better question with such a passion that it compels the listener to ponder “What is change?” Think it’s time to get clear.

We’re all in this together they say, but it doesn’t feel like it. World renown recording artist, delivers the gospel through a new single called “CHANGE”. But what does change look like and what does it sound like. According to B.Slade, it sounds like confronting our fears talking about change and what it really means to us. “I used my mic as a punching bag, I mean I dug deep into my emotions and just belted out all of my frustrations, says B.Slade. I woke up and wanted to do an iconic track like Marvin Gaye’s “What’s Going On”. A song that could live long past our present day troubles and look back on it not to provoke the same emotion but sort of as a marker in history when we couldn’t see the forest for the trees so to speak, and remind us to never revisit it.

“This pain is real, our confusion is real, says B.Slade.” He furthers his point by saying “With all of my accomplishments; two Emmy’s, Grammy nominations and countless stellar awards, nothing prepared me for a pandemic.” While the experience is humbling, he goes on to say, “that music and the elasticity is afforded me, was provoking. I was compelled to go into the shadows of who I was an artist, clergy and as a Black American man. I began to reconcile my feelings, and what can out of the studio was “CHANGE.”

CHANGE is the song you play when you are in a state where you’re so appreciative of what you had, and really understand how far as Americans have strayed. Strayed from core values that every American can relate to. Change is a study guide. It’s a thesis. It’s a plan. A reflective moment. Change is an agitator, it’s a love song of lost and a satire all at the same time. It’s a story and lullaby but on the other hand it’s a cry for help. And a wake-up call.

B.Slade nails it with his powerful and dramatic style; a full-bodied emotional rollercoaster ride. It’s what everyone is feeling right now. If the song had to be described in one word, it would be explosive. The track walks you through a man’s breaking point. It truly embodies and imbues our collective struggle for peace of mind. The irony of the song is that while we want to change, we want all the wrong things are or have changed. We all want change, but the empowerment that change brings; change for the better not just change for the sake of it.

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