SDMNEWS exclusive interview with Angie Fisher

Angie Fisher gives SDMNEWS an inside look at her past, her present, and the future of her vision. With her release of “Assumption” and the single Fallback Angie Fisher is at it again with silky and smooth rhythm storytelling. This interview is the cap on a year where our lives have been disrupted and Angie Fisher is turning it back not just Normal but better than it was before.

SDM: You’re releasing two tracks at the end of our post-pandemic suffering, what is Angie Fisher trying to tell us?

AF: This pandemic has left so many people with uncertainty. However, there’s a certain group of people who have used this time to discover new talents, become entrepreneurs, and embrace change in the most unique way. I’m excited more than ever to expose a different side of me. It’s a new day!!

SDM: Is this project showing your fanbase to keep on keeping on so to speak?

AF: Absolutely, life is an incredible teacher. Keep moving, striving, and never give up no matter how difficult life circumstances are.

Audio of Angie Fisher Interview

SDM: How is this project musically different from your prior material?

AF: My approach musically and vocally is softer. The consumer will hear a more soother and lighter tone along with beautiful harmonies to complement each track.

SDM: A BELATED Congrats on all your success especially your Grammy nomination for I.R.S. why do you think people love to hear you sing that live?

AF: Thank you! I think people love to hear me sing “IRS” because of its power, raw, gritty, and desperation; that’s expressed vocally. It’s such a relatable song.

SDM: I have watched some of your videos, you love singing acapella, why?

AF: Singing Acapella is as real as it gets. You can deliver a song uncut and unfiltered. There’s nothing more powerful than to hear the true essence of one’s vocal cords. It’s a God-given gift. 

SDM: Your journey has been challenging but tell us about the moment you met B.Slade?

AF: I met B.Slade at a restaurant in Hollywood. The moment we began to talk to one another, there was an instant connection. I was so excited to finally meet him, it felt surreal. We talked about so much within a few hours. I truly respect and admire who he is as a person and philanthropist. He’s one of a kind and true to his craft. There’s no one like B.Slade!!! 

SDM: When someone believes in you, how much of an impact does that have on an artist like yourself?

AF: It has become a huge impact on my life when someone believes in me because it’s fuel. It’s such an encouraging feeling to know that people really do care and wants you to win. It reminds me that my gift is not for myself, but for others. I must share my gift with the world.

SDM: Please give us the story behind FALLBACK and ASSUMPTION?

AF: The story behind “Fallback” & “Assumptions” was written by me and B.Slade, produced by Javad (mrklynik) Day. Javad sent me a few tracks to write to and during a session at B.Slade’s studio, I played it for him. He loved the tracks so much that he said let’s write to both tracks and record them. I said, let’s do it. We both talked about certain subjects and how to approach both tracks. After sharing ideas back and forth we started writing and figuring out the melody. Needless to say, we not only recorded both songs within a couple of hours, but we completed 4/5 songs that day. We’re both excited!


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SDM: What does 2021 look like for AF?

AF: 2021 looks like an evolved woman who has grown in so many ways. Moments in time to share and deliver my best self to the entire world. Limitless is who and what I am!

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