As the publisher of the SDMNEWS it has not been our style to solidify fundamental positions on anything. The arguments for California not having AA is more about the damage that by lowering the bar for African Americans what that will it do to their sense of self-worth.

Let me start by saying, It’s kind of an out-of-body experience to have other races of people with homelands that they willingly migrated from-number, that #1. Secondly, fall under a non-neglected class and can in many ways assimilated into the fabric of America while maintaining their dual identity and citizenship of their first-world allied country.

Its many factors for me, while my African descending and Black cultural American citizens are left to say, ok let’s agree on this, why not have exceptionalism based AA and base it on exceptional patriotism, that way the exceptionalism creates another conversation.

I’m not one to argue from resistance but AA is harder to garner support nowadays because of the wealth gap of those who are now in the same boat or in the crab bucket with Black folk. The ones against AA are those crabs on the heads of the bottom crabs (African Americans), but the marginalization and disenfranchised is not of equilateral proportion. Asians who argue about their positions are the crabs at the bucket rim-just about to get out of the bucket, so to speak. And they don’t want any black codes (remember those) to pull them down, no matter how systemically their Asianness places them on top in the bucket in the first place.

Trump’s draconian restrictions on Nigeria in regards to H-1b work permits. I feel is a bigger issue for African Americans as a point of reference in the context of equality for the sake of this argument. Asians and Indians have gotten 99% of all of the visas since Bush reformed them in the ’90s. This is the main reason AFRO TECH, (if you’re reading) you can’t get Black folks into Silicon Valley.

It’s beginning to look like we need AA stop signs in more areas than just social programs and labor.

SO, the question becomes AMERICA, Can Black people live in a country whose government governs not by its own whiteness or not by its own maleness but by the contents of its own character. And besides what does character got to do wit it?

So below is an AA argument guide for Black Folks:

Merit: America has had A SPOIL SYSTEM for their chosen classes. Which allowed silently the beneficiaries of whiteness to enjoy the country’s resources, wealth, luxuries, opportunities that their benefactors did not furnish on their own backs.

Character: If in God we trust runs out and the evil within men’s hearts reign supreme, then what good is our Constitution good for? Nothing! So, when a country allowed systems like Jim Crow to go unabolished it has become addicted to these advantage drugs. The beneficiaries are now advantage junkies and they must constantly show Character in the maintaining that their achievement is based on Character and merit as well. to reverse and maintain its reversal to maintain balance.

Leveling the playing field: You can’t by merely adding AA. So what are you afraid of. What the beneficiaries now enjoy through the pain and suffering, theft, murder, constitutional violations, barbaric and hundreds of inhumane treatment cannot be leveled up by one little measly program like AA.