Take a step-in a DIFFERENT direction…

We are dancing through the year 2020 with five months between us and a step into the new decade. How are we preparing for this new energy?

Thinking about all the ways you expected this year to go was fun but let us shift our focus there to doing something different! Many of us are stuck at home and it can feel like we are stuck in the same patterns and routines that keep us stagnant on our path. There are small steps that we can take towards the goals we set for ourselves.  You can switch it up and still stay in your lane, check it out!

Switching up the routine

When it is time to do something different in our lives there is always a sign or a multitude of signs to direct us to where the change needs to be made. No one who can tell you what you need better than you can, and as you adjust it is safe to let go of what no longer serves you.

Wanting to take a different direction in your life does not make your current circumstance wrong or misguided. Looking at our lives through the binary of right and wrong places limitations on what we allow ourselves to learn from our experiences. When we remove these limitations, we open ourselves to thinking and living “outside the box”.

Starting NOW!

Putting off the things we want to do for ourselves is probably another thing that we have allowed during our stay at home, but that ends now. To create that shift you must be willing to get to work now, at your own pace.

The new direction that you take does not have to be super radical and against the norm. It is best to take things one day at a time, try out what feels comfortable and keep doing it to create a habit. Set short term and long-term goals to motivate you towards making a healthy shift that works for your capacity. Most of all have fun exploring new ways to help yourself adjust and find comfort in change.