What can Black San Diegans do to empower Black youth?

3 Ways to Empower Black Youth

There is so much joy in watching Black youth talk about their passions in the world. A deep satisfaction in witnessing them grow and step into their potential. As community members, elders, parents and leaders, we cannot forget to empower those who are coming to do the work after us.  

It is not an easy load to carry, being young and Black in America. The many identities and experiences we embody influence how we exist in the world, but also how we are treated. Black youth are doing the work to better themselves and the world every day, and they need to know that we see them.

Empowering our young leaders puts them in a position to feel confident in who they are and in everything they do. Here are 3 ways to empower and uplift the Black innovators of tomorrow!

1. Making space to LISTEN – Sometimes we just need space to release and let go in a healthy way, make space for these young leaders to share their passion and uplift their truth

2. AFFIRMING them on their path – There is no straight – forward way to make change, remind these young leaders that they are on a journey and affirm them in the work they are doing right now to make a difference.

3. Speak your TRUTH – None of us have all the answers to life, but we all have a tory to tell. Tell yours! Be vulnerable and empower Black youth to see themselves, their dreams and aspirations through you and your experiences.

There is more than one way to uplift our young leaders and to empower them to continue to be themselves. It is important to remember that they must live life for themselves. They must feel and experience to gain the lessons that strong leaders embody. Making space and time to teach Black youth is vital to their development and recognizing them for their efforts today are a part of that process.

Ella Baker, Civil Rights activist, reminds us that “Strong people don’t need strong leaders”. This speaks to our collective and individual capacity to lead. Black youth are up next, LET THEM BE ELEVATED!