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Buy Black SD is San Diego’s most comprehensive and up to date one-stop shop for all things black and business-related. We have a robust directory of black business, business resources such as business plans and application templates. We also boast an amazing event calendar that’s updated daily along with weekly email newsletters. sign up for our text messaging updates by texting BUYBLACKSD to 31996 Go to

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Monday, December 16

◼ Afro House Dance (ongoing)

Tuesday, December 17

◼ Black Men and Women United Weekly Meeting (ongoing)
◼ People’s Produce Night Market (ongoing)
◼ Poetry & Paint (ongoing)
◼ Urban Line Dance Classes (ongoing)
◼ ReggaeFIT Dance Cardio Class (ongoing)
◼ SDC Chicago Steppin Classes (ongoing)
◼ Neo-Soul Tuesdays (ongoing)

Wednesday, December 18

◼ HomeWork Networking Dinner
◼ SexyFIT Heels Dance  (ongoing)

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