National Urban League San Diego, moves yet another Black Program out of 92114

Ok, so this is not new, unfortunately! Those who get into intimate relationships with the National Urban League San Diego find themselves in a nightmare! In other words, NUL doesn’t play fair and frankly its terrible boyfriend. You know the type, the one that commits and then cheats on you and tells you its for your own good that he cheated. 
Last week we covered for our inbox subscribers “POWER” the Starz series about Betrayal; be it your community, partner or racial betrayal, loyalty is a huge virtue Black Americans. With that being said, Shane Harris invited me into the story of the Cultural Brokers, those who are doing a great job of stepping in and advocating for African American parents in the 92114 zip code; which have little to no services. 
Here’s the thing for me: 1619-2019 we still have to fight for 1 acre and a dead mule. Cultural broker advocate Pat Bevelyn shoots and never missed when she stated that ” It makes no sense at this late in the game;  as the program comes to a close in July 2020 to shift it around it simply makes no sense she says. The families are comfortable where they are.” 
The PROBLEM: The Urban League as the programs fiscal agent; has given the present location a 30-day notice as confirmed by the BCA director Bro. Hameed. The San Diego County who has contracted the “Cultural Brokers” has factored in the rent allocation portion for the program to work out of. The preference of a comfortable community, where the atmosphere is pro-family and children staying with their parents is ideal. As of today Nov.1st 2019, the CB program is out!
Oh, as of the meeting today Shane Harris demanded happen, the NUL director Ray King and communications director Herman Collins makes it clear to the clients of the program, the directors, Shane Harris and myself that the services won’t move. 
Million Dollar Question: So why are they moving?
So why are we moving the location in the first place? The NUL as the Cultural Broker’s fiscal agent says it wants the services to be available for everyone! Meaning the program that they are not running under the NUL banner of services, only serving as the fiscal agent mind you, they now want the program to be an in-house affair (you know, a threesome) in a building that also houses the Fox, the Child Protection Agency, see all nightmares have boogieman. 
If it doesn’t make sense it because it’s all about the cents.
SDMNEWS/EIC Cheryl Morrow