Rock Star San Diego Columnist Jonathan Harris gets the goat of Fox News guest Dan Bongino!

Fox News contributor Dan Bongino lost control of his temper on Monday night when he blew up at a Democratic commentator for mentioning how often police officers use lethal force.

Bongino and Jonathan Harris were on Laura Ingraham’s show to talk about Starbucks’ apology to law enforcement after an employee recently asked six cops to leave one of their coffee shops because a customer was uncomfortable with their presence. After Bongino bashed the “snowflake culture” and the “really dumb business decision” at the root of the situation, Ingraham asked Harris if there would’ve been greater outrage if a different group of people was getting kicked out of Starbucks.

Harris cited reports saying everyone in the incident was white, but then he went on

to bring up data that says “the police on average according to reports kill about 1,000 people a year since about 2015.” Bongino audibly groaned, “Oh my God,” during Harris’ argument, so Ingraham noted, “He’s gonna flip,” and sure enough he did.

“Is this guy serious?” Bongino said. “What he just said was so dumb I’m surprised he said it on national television.”

“Are facts dumb?” Harris asked.

Bongino continued to say that for people in law enforcement, “The worst day of your life is a use of force incident.”

“You think that is funny?” Bongino asked Harris. Harris responded that “It’s probably worse for people on the receiving end,” which caused Bongino to scream, “I’m not on talking!” He did not provide any rebuttal to Harris’s argument.

Watch above, via Fox News.