Marianne Williamson, the presidential candidate says her platform is what America deserves

Equity Defines election 2020 by Nechel Sheree Best

San Diego Califia NOW brings the Marianne Williams and the Reparations Conversation to town San Diego Califia NOW hosted a Speaking Truth to Power Townhall on April 29, 2019, at the Jacobs Center.  Featuring a 21st Century Conversation on Reparations, with Author and Presidential candidate Marianne Williamson.

Early in the bid for the 2020 Presidential election, the Marianne2020 campaign is making San Diego and a base of women voters a priority.  The non-partisan event attended by the public and new leaders that came out to hear more about Ms. Williamson’s platform showed promise for the candidate in their diverse representation of progressive goals and seemingly aligned ideals.

At the VIP Candidate Mixer, District 9 City Councilmember Georgette Gomez had the opportunity to meet the candidate and outline her initiatives on economic equity and representation in an interview with the San Diego Monitor News.  Pointing out that she is the first openly queer Latina female councilperson and the first Council President to implement a yearly work plan. Seeking to “put the Mayor on notice” of agenda items that are important to her and her constituency.

Michelle Price, President of San Diego Califia, the African American women’s sister organization of California National Organization of Women (CA NOW), had the support of chapters throughout the state.

Ms. Price and Adria Fox, Califia member, and event organizer brought current President of CA NOW, Kolieka Seigle, the first African American women to represent the entire state of California for the national organization of women.  Kolieka shared that CA NOW board of directors is presently composed of all women of color with an expanded legislative program that reflects issues beyond reproductive justice, including police reform.

Along with a host of volunteers eager to empower women, Los Angeles Califia President Cheryl Branch took to the stage paving the way for Marianne Williamson’s keynote also focused on equity. Dismal economic study findings of a $5 median net worth of Black women in contrast to $26,000 to their White women counterparts in the same situation sparked her activism.

Presidential candidate Marianne Williamson believes the average White American is woefully ignorant about the impact of 400 years of slavery on Black Americans as a group.

Credited with bringing the reparations issue to the fore in the 2020 election cycle, she introduces the subject matter with a detailed history lesson defining slavery’s evolution into black code laws as “domestic terrorism” ensuring generational inequity “subpar social, economic and political opportunities for black people” says Williamson.

What’s most interesting about Madame Williamson’s petition for paying reparations is that she is the focus on reconciliation for all Americans.  Citing Germany having paid reparations for the Jewish holocaust meliorating guilt by “doing the right thing”, she is embraced by rousing applause and a standing ovation from this very diverse California crowd. And then shares how typical this positive reaction is everywhere she goes.